50's Rock and Roll Jive Dancing

Prices from £25 pp

Minimum 10 people

Is that the Jive Talking?

Why not add a fun and unique spin to the classic Hen Party Dance class? The vintage style is all the range these days so add a 50’s vibe to your weekend and shake it with the best of them. If the bride to be is mad for the Jive or can’t get enough of the 50’s Rock N Roll then this is the perfect theme for your group.

50's Jive Dancing

Why not go all out and dress to impress with a 50’s themed outfits to really give the weekend a theme that you will remember.

Your class will involve a 90min dance session where you will be shown some classic moves to go with the themed music. You’ll then be shown a routine which you will perform at the end of the session in groups to see who was really born in the wrong era and truly belongs in the 1950’s.

If you had any specific tracks in mind that you know the Bride to be will love, then just let us know and we can arrange to have them used during the session to make things even more bespoke your specific needs.

If you love the idea of a dance class but the 50’s isn’t quite your thing then just let us know, we have plenty of other options when it comes to our dance sessions. If you can’t find one that suits, we can even look to create you a session with your own personal theme.