Bourbon Tasting

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Boozing in a distinguished way

Bourbon is the drink of choice for the distinguished male. Well, at least that’s what is portrayed by the high-powered lawyers in every big-shot drama out there.

Yet you don’t need to be a city slicker to experience the good life. It’s equally as enjoyable to relax with your mates and find out what all the fuss is re the distinct flavours of bourbon. Instead of lager louts you can make like culture vultures and get on your merry way without having to leave the comfort of a pub.

You’ll be greeted with a drink before our expert bourbon master takes you through the difference between a ‘straight’, ‘blended’ or ‘aged’ bourbon, along with a bit about its history. You’ll quickly discover the difference between spicy, fruity, woody, sweet and savoury varieties through various samples. And finally, why all bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon!

Then see what you’ve managed to take in with some blind taste testing. Who cares if you can’t tell your Jim Beam from your Maker’s Mark? The fun is all in the sampling!

Here’s exactly what to expect from our bourbon tasting in Manchester:

  • 90 mins session
  • Brief history of bourbon
  • Discover the difference between ‘straight’, ‘blended’ or ‘aged’ bourbon
  • Sample the five different varieties of bourbon
  • Blind taste test
  • Complimentary drink and farewell shot included

So book now to turn your bar experience into a bourbon experience- give us a call on 07970 047821 or email your requirements to and we'll get back to you.