Prices from £35 pp

Pride yourselves on your brain over your brawn?

If so, our secret service style activity may be just the out-of-the-box stag party idea you were looking for in Manchester. This activity takes inspiration from movies like Mission Impossible, James Bond and the Bourne series to create a unique team-based experience for all. Think secret agents, code breaking and secret rendezvous meetings all within the city centre of Manchester.


The event is a fast paced adventure using mobile technology, set on the streets of central Manchester. It involves various tasks and challenges, which require clever thinking in order to complete them successfully, all overseen by your nominated mission captain. For each password cracked, puzzle solved or challenge completed, a piece of territory on the digital city-map is issued to the successful team. All of the gameplay is tracked online so everyone can follow each team’s progress, creating some thrilling urgency and competition!

Here’s a summary of what to expect

* 4 hour secret service style challenge – available in morning or afternoon sessions

* all challenges set in Manchester city centre

* online game play tracking to keep an eye on the opposition

* prizes and certificates are awarded to the victorious team at the mission debriefing.

* suitable for groups of 10 to 30 (normally 3 to 4 teams)

Being a teamwork based challenge, it’s a great opportunity to mix up friends on your Manchester stag do and get everyone united in next to no time.

Prices start from £35pp based on a group of around 15 people.

Not a stag party and still want to book a session? Simply complete the My Weekend form by selecting “other” for party type. Alternatively, you can email or call 07970 047821 to enquire and book.