Laser Tag

Prices from £35 pp

Battle it out in the premier laser tag arena near Manchester 

We have linked up with the biggest and most exciting laser tag arena in the UK a short distance from Manchester to give stags coming to Manchester an “Ultimate” stag laser tag experience. Why “Ultimate” well it is simply that this laser tag arena takes all the best bits from ‘regular’ laser tag and injects a technological upgrade to give a game that’s faster, bigger and more exciting. Add in the fact that this laser tag arena has a fully licensed bar with drinks offers and an Italian restaurant and you have all the ingredients for a memorable daytime Manchester stag party activity.



Our  experience with this venue is that a three game experience is best for a group of stags and this will last two hours. Each game lasts twenty minutes with a twenty minute gap in between the first two games and a slightly longer gap before your final game to raise the competitive edge and allow you to fully discuss best strategy!! Do be aware though if you fancy a longer Manchester laser tag experience we can book however many games you want.

Once you have checked in you head into the preparation area for a detailed briefing before being issued with your advanced powered armour & laser rifle pack. You will then enter the laser arena with up to 40 other players as the games are non exclusive for numbers under that.

Once the game begins, you will have to navigate your way through the dark, complex environment of “The Darkstar Facility” Having been abandoned years ago, this high-tech, military space station has lain dormant until now. After extensive works, the Darkstar has been reactivated as the home of the exciting new sport: ultimate laser tag. Darkstar utilises the innovative ‘Hex’ arena system to create a truly 3 dimensional gameplay space. The labyrinth of corridors and ramps connect dozens of levels over 3 storeys in this unique facility. The arena is specifically designed to maximise the pace of gameplay by eliminating positional imbalances. In the Darkstar arena, the shots don’t just come from in front and behind, but from above and below.

The aim is to tag other players using your laser rifle, before they can tag you. Stay alert, as there’s more than just other players lurking in the shadows. Control nodes are strategically located throughout the facility. Some will provide you with weapon or armour upgrades, however others may be hostile. Throughout the game, scores will be updated to you in real-time. That way forfeits can be sorted for those stags who aren't quick enough on the trigger finger for when you head out into Manchester later!

Transport to and from Manchester city centre is included within the price to ensure a hassle free day.

Interested in Manchester Laser Tag but not a stag group – Don’t worry we cater for all. Simply call 07970 047821 to enquire about or book Manchester Laser Tag.