Prices from £30 pp

Three times the paintballs means three times more fun!

Yes, you heard right. Instead of just 100 paintballs offered by a lots of other stag party packages, you get a whopping 300 paintballs when you book through us, so you can really let loose and unleash your inner Rambo side!


This Manchester paintball centre is the largest indoor paintball arena in the North West and has a unique indoor warfare environment, meaning you get all of the benefits of the large outdoor playing area but you don’t have to brave the mud or rain. (You have heard it rains a lot in Manchester, right?!) It’s been awarded a Certificate of Excellence too by Trip Advisor, so you know you’re in for a great time!

It’s also the closest arena for paintball to Manchester and is accessible by tram and a short walk, so you don’t have to factor in much extra for travel costs or worry about wasting half your stag do getting there.

Here’s what to expect with our Manchester paintball package:

  • Three hour open session that can accommodate up to 46 players – means no group minimum numbers
  • 300 paintballs (3x most of the other stag packages you will find) – as our centre charges £8pp for 100 extra paintballs, it represents great value for money
  • Paintball favourites include “Hunt the Stag”, “Saving Private Ryan” and “Medal of Honour” amongst others
  • Body armour and equipment at no extra cost
  • Short tram ride and walk, with the fare just approx. £3.50pp – that’s some very reasonable transport costs!

AM and PM half day sessions available on Saturdays and AM sessions available on Sundays

The adrenaline rush and friendly rivalry makes this an all-time stag do favourite!

We can also arrange a session at our preferred Manchester paintball centre for all other events, such as team builds, birthdays or other special occasions.

Enquire now to check availability for your stag do by submitting an enquiry, calling us on 07970 047821 or emailing A 20% deposit is all that we need from you to make a booking.