Prices from £35 pp

Take it to the extreme with free running

Ever watched the BBC advert of the guy death-defyingly jumping across buildings and walls in total awe?  Try it yourself with our two hour Manchester parkour lesson, where your physical boundaries will be pushed to the limit. (Don’t worry – near death experiences of hurtling across skyscraper building gaps are not in the lesson plan!) This 2 hour session is perfect for stags who are looking for an alternative adrenaline boosting activity.

Think back to childhood and how every outside structure was a fun balancing act to be climbed upon or jumped across, likes steps and posts. (Yes, you may still try jumping the latter when drunk but it’s certainly not recommended!)  This workshop  makes you see the world in a different light as everything around you becomes an opportunity for exciting and daring movement.

You’ll be taught how to move in an energetic and creative way through a specially constructed outdoor area. No gymnastic backgrounds required though as this isn’t a scary P.E. teacher barking orders –  the friendly instructor will easily guide you through it and can work with all ability levels. (And let’s face it, it’ll make for more laughs if everyone’s not the most athletic person is the world!)

This session will get you all working together and increase your self-confidence as you marvel at what you can do. And you never know – you may find you have a taste for progressing it further!


What to Wear

Wear something loose and comfy that you don’t mind getting a little dirty in during your Manchester parkour session!  Gym or  sports gear and light trainers are ideal. As there will be elements of running and you will probably work up a thirst, a small backpack and bottle of water are helpful.

N.B. Strictly NO alcohol for obvious reasons!

N.B.B. Prices are based on a party of 10 as 1 instructor is recommended for up to 10 stags. We will put together a quote for you based on your specific numbers.

If you are not a stag party but still want to try our Manchester parkour experience then we can still help – just let us know on the enquiry form, email us on or call us on  07970 047821.