Rally Buggies

Prices from £50 pp

Off-road Rally buggies are the bumpier stag do brother of go-karting

Got the need to drive and get out the city centre on your stag do? Been there, done the driving thing with karting? Our Manchester off-road mud buggy activity is sure to get the adrenaline throbbing in your stags' veins whilst providing an exhilarating new kind of experience on your stag party.

The Buggies our supplier uses are similar to the Rage Buggy but are powered by Fiat Punto 1.2 and the experience is more similar to Autograss than many buggy experiences. The track is an oval circuit in a large open field where our supplier allows the machines to get up to 40mph but no more as the experience is all about drifting, mud and dirt. There are no windscreens and a lot of wheel spinning so be prepared. Where possible on dry days the supplier pre wets the track to aid drifting but this is not always achievable. With the buggies weighing 500kg and speeds involved it is limited it to 1 buggy on the track at a time with a second in the pits being readied for use. This means as one comes in the next goes out to avoid the down time of strapping in.

off road buggies

As Alex Ferguson would call it, squeaky-bum time. But aren’t all the best experiences?!

The experience begins with safety briefing and then they paired up so that 1 drives and the other is there passenger or co driver. They are strapped in and then sent off around the 500m track. They will typically do 7 laps but if it is particularly wet this may be reduced. Once they are finished they come into the pits with the second pair sent out.

On a wet day to save time getting them out of their waterproof suits and so they don’t get cold we get them to swap seats and prepare to go straight back out. Alternatively if it is a dry day/warm day another pair will be selected to go out. Each pair will have both time in the buggy as driver and as passenger.

The total time in the buggy varies according to the conditions on the track and the drivers ability but this is typically approx. 15-20 minutes per pair in total.

Many fail to appreciate how wet and muddy this can be and that often the limiting factor is the ability to see where they are going as well as hold onto the wet slippy controls. It is also a fairly physical activity and sounds easy but is more challenging than it first looks. Because our cars are manual gearbox driven we require that the participants have a valid UK driving licence. For none drivers they can participate as passenger where we will select the stag/hen to do all the driving so they get the same time in the buggy. 

N.B. Max weight is circa 20st, drivers need licence, min passenger age is 10, not suitable for pregnant ladies. Because winter operations are more costly to run because of the mud and cleaning required there is a £5pp supplement for all buggy packages booked for between 1st October and 31st March.

Our off-road mud buggy site is located around a 45 minute drive from Manchester city centre. We haven’t included transport costs as many stag and hen dos take their own cars, but we can easily provide a quote if you like.

The pricing above is based on groups of 8 or more up to a max of 14 per session. For groups above that we suggest some to buggies and some do another activity at the site like Hovercraft.

A bespoke quote will be given based on your numbers.

You don’t need to be arranging a stag party to try our off-road buggy experience near Manchester. We can also help you arrange birthdays, corporate events or just general get-togethers. Simply select “other” on the enquiry form, call us on 07970 047821 or email us on info@stagandhenmanchester.co.uk ad we'll be pleased to help.