Prices from £150 pp

Minimum 15 people

Hire a stripper in Manchester – it’s your best man duty!

They say the stag do is all about showing the stag what he’s missing. Or is it really all about embarrassing the stag?! Why not hire one of our sexy female strippers in Manchester and get the best of both worlds?

Manchester Stripper

Your stripper will certainly deliver on the good looks and body front. But when it comes to sending up the stag, then that’s where they come into their own. Their goal is to get your stag all hot and bothered…all in front of his mates. Throw together some sexy dancing with a little ritual humiliation of the stag and you can’t go wrong.

Let’s face it, the stag may see what he’s missing but he’s hardly going to enjoy it with the rest of the stags all gawping, pointing and shouting abuse at him!

Here’s what to expect from our female strippers in Manchester:

A  private dance for the stag (well, not so private – it’ll be witnessed by you!) 

A red raced stag – think body oil, whips, whipped cream and much more.

Let us know any special humiliation requests and we can see what our strippers can do.

Choice of outfits cheering and hoots from all the stags – both for the stripper and for you for sorting it all! 

Possible frantic phone calls from all the wives and girlfriends back home when they find out what you’ve been up to!


If your aim is to actually give the stag a more varied last night of freedom then you may prefer our Manchester strip club entry. And if you want to go further in the embarrassing stakes then why not try our Manchester fat strippers?

You will need a private room to hire a stripper. We recommend either booking city centre apartments for your stay or booking a private room, which we can help with at extra cost.