Zorb Games

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Playground games with a fun new twist!

Afternoon Tea Liverpool

Why not relive childhood favourite games like tag and British Bulldog or all-time favourite sumo-wrestling but with an adult and fun twist…an inflatable plastic bubble (the “zorb”) on your upper half. What does this mean? All those challenges you wouldn’t have been able to get away with on the school playground but you secretly wanted to make are now par for the course…in fact, they’re positively encouraged!

Zorb Games Manchester

For our Manchester body zorb games you get to select two activities of your choice – so whether you fancy a back-to-back day upping the adult ante on childhood classics, or would prefer to mix it up a bit with sumo-wrestling and either tag or British Bulldog, the choice is yours. Either way, this is sure to have everyone all fired up as there’s nothing funnier than seeing someone roll and bounce around on the floor after a crafty challenge. So if you’re after unique and all-out fun stag party ideas for Manchester you won’t go wrong here. Don’t believe us…?

(Please note: Your activity will take place on a playing field and not on a hard gym floor.)

Here’s what’s included in our Manchester zorb games activity:

  • 1 hour to 2 hour for each game, depending on group size (the exact time will be confirmed in your proposal)
  • choice of 2 of the following: tag, British Bulldog or sumo wrestling
  • we can include food and drink at a small additional cost of £5pp
  • located on a playing field just a 15 minutes’ drive outside of Manchester city centre and easily accessible by a short tram ride and very short walk

Alternatively you can do our zorb football activity on the same site if you would prefer – or if you want to combine activities then ask for a bespoke quote.