13 Questions with a Professional Airkix Skydiver

by Hayley Cowburn on 16/02/2016

Still thinking about whether or not to go for that indoor skydiving activity? Perhaps some answers straight from the horse's mouth will help! After our own experience of indoor skydiving at Airkix, we decided to get some of the most pressing questions we had which will give you even more of an insight to the experience and what to expect. Our questions were answered by indoor skydiving instructor Matty Mitchell, who just might be your guide for the day.


How often do you go outdoor and indoor skydiving?

Outdoor- winter monthly. In the summer weekly.
Indoor- daily throughout the year.

How many hours of training does it take to become a pro like yourself?

Indoor skydiving – 100 hours + 1000 jumps

What was your first outdoor skydive like?

I was extremely nervous! But once I was out the door it was exhilarating.

What do you enjoy about indoor skydiving?

It’s not weather dependent. There are visual references everywhere, therefore you can be extremely precise with your flying moves. It’s not cold in the winter! You get a lot more freefall time in the tunnel than you can in the sky.

How much tunnel time do you personally get to have at Airkix?

As an instructor, I get time to train in the tunnel every week. This varies from 20minutes to an hour.

What’s the most challenging thing about skydiving?

The weather! You can’t jump when it’s raining, cloud cover or too windy. Sometimes we have to wait all day for the weather to clear, there have been times where we haven’t jumped at all!

What are your top tips or best piece of advice for beginners?

Persevere. Keep going! Listen to all knowledge from all different people. It’s a marathon not a race.

Do you have to keep fit? If yes, what do you do to keep up your fitness levels?

I run 5km every other day. And the tunnel keeps you fit. Plus I’m a natural he-man.

Is skydiving good exercise? Do you know if it burns many calories?

I believe you do burn calories because of the adrenaline. A full day is very tiring. Any where from 10+ jumps per day can be quite a harsh routine of jump, pack, debrief, dirt dive (rebrief), flight to altitude, jump, land, pack.

Who would you recommend the experience to?

Everybody, from all walks of life.

Have many celebrities come for the sky diving experience at Airkix?

Dizzee Rascal, Jasmin Wali flew last week (from TOWIE), Heston Bleaumentil, Guy Martin. We get many football players such as Wayne and Coleen Rooney, Rio Feredinand, Joe Hart, Beckham.

Who was your favourite celebrity to fly with?

Guy Martin. He was a brilliant guy but didn’t fly brilliantly!

What are some memorable moments for you at Airkix?

Every hen do! They usually ask me to join them for evening drinks… And take lots of cheeky photos.

When we went for our own Airkix experience, we took a few photos and video of our own, but here's our favourite clip of a professional showing us how its done:

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