5 Amazing Hen Do Games...

Posted in Hen Party Ideas & Advice by Trai Hadfield on 03/01/2017

Hen Party Games

Now that new year is out of the way it’s time to stop putting off that Manchester hen party you have been tasked with planning. Something we believe a lot of hens overlook when trying to plan the perfect night out is a good pre-going out party with some fun and exciting hen party games.

Hen games are a great way to help the girls get to know each other better, it will let you get a few drinks in before you check out the Manchester nightlife and it always helps create the right party atmosphere. All of this makes them the perfect addition to any night out especially hen parties so take a look for yourself. 

POP The Question

balloons hens

This is a great hen night game to go along with a pre-going out party. The idea is to write down about 20 to 30 embarrassing questions or dares and then put them in some balloons. You can then tie up all the balloons somewhere and when it comes to game time let each player pop them one at a time to get their questions. Couple this with a drinking game where you must take a shot if you don’t answer the question. This is a very light-hearted way to learn a little more about all the girls and it always ends in fits of laughter.

Male Model

male model making

A fairly simple game to play but you're going to have to bring your own play dough. In this one you’re going to have to split your group into teams and provide them with a lump of play dough. The idea of the game is for the team to recreate one male body part of their choice (please, like we don’t all know what you’re going to make..) out of the play dough. You can dish out extra points as you like whether it be for shape, design or realism which is only going to encourage more silly antics and funny banter.

DIY Bride

DIY Bride Hen Party Game

A classic hen night game and with good reason this is a cheap and effective game that always brings out the competitive side of everyone. This game will have you split into two teams and you will be tasked with creating a beautiful dress for both a bride and her bridesmaid, the only catch is you will be making them completely out of toilet paper. This is just a daft and fun game with an exciting, crafty, and hands on theme that we know your girls will love. 

Story Time

This is a perfect hen night game and it offers a little of everything you want. With this one you will each be given a sheet of paper where you will write an embarrassing story about yourselves. You will then put them all in a bowl and take turns drawing a piece each. After reading the embarrassing story out load you will then have to guess which of your fellow hens wrote it. This is always a laugh and you will be surprised at what you might find out about your friends. Throw in a few drinks and you have a recipe for the perfect Manchester hen party warm up.


hen group

This is another great hen game that is easy to set up and play while always ending with buckets of laughter. This one is simple, you get a sheet of paper and right down five headings. These headings are “Her Name, His Name, Where They Had Sex, What Position They Used, Who Caught Them”. Then you will take turns filling in one of the headings each (make sure you fold the paper to not let anyone see what you put). Once you are done you can read the whole thing out which often makes for a funny and oddly exciting experience.

Take it from us with these 5 games and a few of your favourite drinks you should have no issue breaking the ice between your hens and getting them all in the right party mood for later. To make your pre going out party even greater why not consider booking one of our accommodation based activities such as Apartment Cocktails, Pamper Party or maybe a cheeky Butler in the Buff. All of this is an easy and cheap way to amp up your group in the day and get them all good and ready to hit that Manchester nightlife.