6 Best Honeymoon Destinations

Posted in Weddings by Trai Hadfield on 09/03/2017

When all the stress of the wedding is over and done with you want to be heading straight to your own person slice of heaven.

honeymoon for two

With all the wedding planning going on you might not have found the time to start planning the honeymoon but trust us you are going to need a break after the wedding goes down. Check out our top 6 romantic locations to help you get started in planning the perfect honeymoon now.


When you're looking for the perfect little romantic getaway the first thing you think of is a warm beach with golden sands and an ice cold glass of your favourite drink. If that’s the kind of honeymoon you see yourself having then you simply can’t go wrong with the world famous Caribbean beaches. Home to thousands of islands coming in all shapes and sizes you should have little trouble finding the perfect romantic island paradise for you and the one you love.

Caribbean honeymoon

On top of that you can easily get your hands on an almost limitless amount of fun and exciting activities such as sailing, snorkelling and diving.  You could even have a very atmospheric and loving trip down to the turtle beach where the turtles come to lay their eggs every year which is sure to make for a precious memory.


An all around easy choice for any newlyweds craving a nice, relaxing and romantic trip to sunny beaches but not looking to break the bank to do it. Take it from us though you might save a little cash here compared to some other locations but it still has all the honeymoon essentials such as gorgeous beaches and glorious private resorts.

Mexico honeymoon

On top of this you will be constantly surrounded by the Latin atmosphere that just spills love vibes wherever you go. If there is one thing we believe you have to do while honeymooning in Mexico it's hiring a privet musician to serenade you and your lover.


For the couple that likes to adventure it goes without saying that you’re going to need the perfect place to explore to get the most out of your honeymoon. Well make sure you check out Cambodia because this is sure to have whatever you're looking for and a ton of exciting things you will never see coming.

Cambodia honeymoon

With golden beaches to relax, forestry and wildlife to check out and a deep and historical culture there is so much to explore. This is an excellent place for you and your partner to get lost together and on top of that it makes for an extremely affordable getaway.


Italy could very well be your best choice for a truly romantic setting. With its beautiful countryside, and villages mixed with years of history and culture newlyweds simply get lost in the charming atmosphere that comes with.

Italy honeymoon

To make this an even easier choice just think of the moonlit gondola rides down the Venice canals, think of the world famous Italian cuisine you’ve been hearing about your whole life. Visit late September – October it shouldn’t be overly crowded with tourists and the weather should be perfect, warm but not uncomfortably warm.


For the couple who want an adventure to share together prepare to be to be astonished by the incredible selection of amazing places to go and things to do in Australia. Due to the sheer size of Australia if you plan your journey well enough you could travel from rain forests to snowy mountains with desserts, beaches and all kinds of wonders in-between. With the right planning you could even mix this with a trip to Cambodia to really get some travelling done on the honeymoon. 

Australia Honeymoon

Make sure while you’re here you try to check out some of the unique and exciting wildlife that can only be found here. The history here is sure to help create the romantic atmosphere you're looking for and there will be ample opportunity to take it slow and relax with the one you love.


Alright so admit it, the first place your thought of when you thought “romantic getaway” was definitely France and then you probably wanted to try something a little more unique, right? We get it it’s been done before but that’s exactly why it’s such a fantastic choice.

France honeymoon

France lives and breathes romance and you will see that in everything you do and that’s why couple come back here time and time again. Here you can get lost exploring extravagant chateaus, cafes, restaurants, outstanding architecture while you enjoy delicious food, fine wine and some of the world’s best cheese. even better a lot of this is tailored towards couples because at this point they are expecting you.