6 Travel Party Games

by Kimberly Low & Hayley Cowburn on 21/07/2016

Many stag and hen parties involve travelling for a couple of hours by car, train or bus...

...I suppose this is considered a bit of down time downtime, where hens everyone might chit-chat, catch up with some reading or binge on Youtube. Some take the opportunity to recharge (read: sleep) in preparation for the adventures ahead.


Our honest opinion? The party should not be temporarily suspended just because you’re travelling! There are many activities that you can still do together to keep the group buzzing. Don’t wither the hours away with mindless, boring activities - play some games on the move instead!

So, we’re here to suggest 6 travel party games that you can play together while travelling, making sure that the spirit and heart of your hen do are consistently intact.


1. Spot the road sign


This game is best played during daytime as it’s much easier to spot road signs in the light. Starting with the letter “A”, everybody waits for a road sign that begins with that letter. As soon as someone finds the correct road sign, they get a point and the game continues with the next letter “B”. This goes on until the entire list of alphabet is exhausted. The road sign spotter with the highest score wins boasting privileges.

2. The alphabet game


First choose a category, it can be anything from celebrities to plants to politicians to countries. Let’s say the category chosen is “celebrities”, so somebody in the group calls out the name of a celeb (“Tom Hiddlestone”). Now the next person must quickly call out a celeb name that starts with the last letter of Tom Hiddlestone’s name, which is “E”, (for example “Eva Mendes”). The game continues in a circle until somebody messes up or took too long. Make the game more exciting by setting a short time limit and a creative penalty for bungling up the names.

3. The classic Bingo

bingo image

Never too young to play bingo. Design and print your own versions of bingo cards with things that can be seen inside or outside the bus/train. For example, trees, black car, stop sign, bird, a Jaguar branded car and many more. One player (or a helpful fellow passenger) is assigned as the announcer and spotter. The rest of the group get one bingo card each and the first to complete the card wins.

4. Connect the song chain


The first participant sings a line from any song and the subsequent players must connect the last word in the line to another line from a different song and so on. The objective of this game is to keep the chain of lyrics unbroken. For example, someone starts with “I set fire to the rain….” and the next person continues with “Rain……feel it on my fingertips” and the following person to connect it with Roxette’s “Fingertips through your hair, your life has just begun”. This is a great game for music lovers.

5. Guess the rule


Basically, this game starts with someone making a random statement with a rule contained within said statement. For example, the random statement might be “I’m going to take uhmmmm…..a football to the lavender fields”. Now, everybody has to try and guess what the rule is by each making a statement based on the original statement. For instance, the first player says, “I’m going to take a football to the lavender fields”, second player says, “I’m going to take uhmmmm…a basketball to the lavender fields” and third player says, “I’m going to take a football to the strawberry fields”. After everybody has made their statements, the original rule maker will reveal the winner, in this case the second player as her rule is to include “uhmmmm” in a statement.

6. Name that tune

girls playing name the song

This is a simple but highly fun game. Make use of a radio, Spotify or simply have the guys or girls sing a couple of lines from their favourite songs. The goal is to successfully guess the names of the songs. Winner gets to choose the next song.

There, six fun activities that you can play with your crew while on the road… We wish you a safe and pleasant journey!