8 Apps for your night out in Manchester

by Kimberly Low on 24/03/2016



We’re living in exciting times. Going out these days is a lot more convenient and fun thanks to all the mobile apps available on your smartphone. Here, we’ve curated a list of apps that are essential to your night out in Manchester:

1. Uber

The best thing about Uber is that there’s a way to roll for everyone. You could opt for carpooling/economy if you’re feeling poor or get a luxury ride if you feel like making it rain. Either way, you should be travelling comfortably to your destination of choice and there’s no better way than via Uber.

2. Tripadvisor 

Every restaurant or club has seductive descriptions and professionally taken photographs to woo you into spending your hard-earned money at their establishments. So, how are you going to make sure you’re not spending your resources at a dud of place? Well, use Tripadvisor! This oldie but goldie of an app provides comprehensive crowdsourced reviews and photographs that will help with your decision. Also, you can discover new, interesting places around your location.

3. Drinki

Woohoo, free drinks for Facebook check-ins? This is exactly what Drinki offers you! Get a free signature drink for a Facebook check-in at any of the app’s extensive list of bars, clubs, and hotspots. Bar hopping is way more fun now with it.

4. OpenTable

Who doesn’t love OpenTable? We do because it’s so easy to discover, plan, and book a table at one of the thousands of restaurants available on the app. Our favourite feature of the app is the ability to find available restaurants by filtering down to party size, date, time, cuisine, price, or distance. The app also offers rewards points so you can save on future meals.

5. Manchester Metrolink

The great thing about this app is that you can use it even without network connection. You can quickly locate the station you’re looking for and you can also plan your fastest route or find the best route with least station changes.

6. OfferMoments

This app is bordering on being magical! Imagine walking down the highstreet and having the app informing you of all the exclusive offers at every shop you pass by? When a promotion pops up, you can just tap on it and it will generate a coupon in a flash for you to use at the shop.

7. Vouchercloud

Vouchercloud is another great app for getting the best deals from your favourite restaurants, supermarkets, and shops in Manchester. It lets you search for the best savings around you so you will always be able to keep your wallet fat.

8. Tinder

In need of new refreshing conversations? Feeling bored with your mates on your night out? Well, there’s no better app than Tinder to help you with this. With Tinder you can look for interesting dates near wherever you are provided there’s a match.

All these apps are also free of charge, so get downloading now. Have an amazing night out!