8 Classic Stag Do Pranks

by Kimberly Low on 11/03/2016

We are not really advocating pushing your friend into a bed of nettles just before he’s due to be married but a stag party just isn’t the same without a few pranks thrown in to humiliate the groom. Yep, this is the price for getting married.

Here are 8 classic stag do pranks that you can perpetrate on the groom.

1. Glow in the dark

When the groom has fallen asleep or has passed out from drinking, draw a couple of rude pictures or write some funny words on his face and anywhere on his exposed skin with a glow-in-the-dark pen. It’s absolutely important to take him out when the night has fallen so that you can enjoy the amusement on every person’s face who passes him on the street.

2. Shopping challenge

Get the groom to purchase a list of things from the news agent but send him there with only a limited amount of money. Make sure the list consists of a ridiculous number of condoms, dirty magazines and tampons. Since he wouldn’t have enough money to buy everything on the list, he would have to get creative with how to obtain the items, and failure means he has to endure another embarrassing prank.

3. Waxing Challenge

What’s not to love about the waxing challenge? It’s low cost and it’s funny as hell especially if your groom’s nickname in school was Chewbacca. Get some waxing strips from your local Boots and get on waxing. Make sure the video camera is switched on to record every scream and cry for mercy.

4. Roly Poly Stripper

First, blindfold the man and tie his hands up behind his back. Next, have the roly poly stripper teases him and when it’s the right time, whip off the blindfold and enjoy the surprise and confusion on the groom’s face. Word of caution, this might backfire though if the groom manages to unleash his inner chubby chaser. You can book your own roly poly stripper right here.

5. Handcuffed to a rubbish bin

Who knew a handcuff and a dirty rubbish bin could go so well together? Cuff the bin to the groom’s hand when he least expects it. It’s not only a funny sight, but it’s also very practical as you get to have your very own portable rubbish bin for the entire duration of the stag party.

6. Fungee Jump

Put the fear of God in your groom by taking him to a fake bungee jump or fungee jump, as we like to call it. Blindfold the poor sod and take him for a drive, making sure to allude to doing something exciting and adrenaline pumping without really giving it away. Next, get him out of the car, walk him to a spot and tie a rope around his ankles…all the while having a few mates fanning him to simulate wind. At the count of three, push!

7. The Lamp Post Prank

Find a lamp post in the busiest place possible and get the groom to wrap his legs around the post. Then slowly lower him down and trust us, he won’t be able to unwrap his legs and will be totally at your mercy.

8. The Broken Leg

Ply your mate with drinks and get him to pass out. Like proper passed out. Then, coat his leg with Plaster of Paris you got from the craft shop. Don’t worry about whether it looks like the real deal or not, he would be too drunk to notice anyway. When he wakes up, tell him he’s broken his leg falling off a stripper pole.

Happy pranking. It’s all fair game as long as he is well enough to walk down the aisle after, right?