8 Stag Do Costume Ideas

by Kimberly Low on 12/05/2016

Wearing costumes on stag nights are as classic as pulling off stag pranks. The question is, who should you dress up as? So many choices to pick from so let us make it easier for you with these 8 stag costume ideas.

toy soldiers


1. Construction worker

This is an easy one and you probably already have everything at home. Put on a shirt and jeans, wear a hard hat or even a tool belt if you’ve got one. Otherwise, just bring out a measuring tape or toy hammer for effect. Lastly, complete your look with a rolled up newspapers down the back of your jeans of course.

2. Ballerinas

Looking for some laughs? Then a pink leotard and tutu is the costume for your group. Remember to give that pirouetting a good practice.

3. Priests

Live out your fantasy as dirty priests in these virtuous robes. Best thing about priest costumes is that it’s so forgiving and comfortable you wouldn’t have issues with wedgies cramping your style all night long. Who knows you might even get a funny confession or two out from your buddies in the robes.

4. Prisoners

Is there a better way to show how you feel about marriage than wearing prison uniform on your stag night? If you’re a serious costumer, consider getting a ball and chain too for maximum effect.

5. Old Men

How hard is it to pretend to be old men? Some grey hair paint and fake grey moustache could take you from 30 to 85 in minutes. Make sure you wear your loosest trousers as high up as possible and throw in your pop’s walking cane. Attractive!

6. Groovy 70s

Longing for the good ol’ disco era? Put on your best bell bottom, afro wig, rose tinted shades and you’re good to go. Take it up a notch with a sexy pornstache; Burt Reynolds would be so proud.

7. James Bond

Boys, it’s time to suit up. James Bond inspired fancy dress is a great idea for a sophisticated stag night out sipping martinis and playing poker. Besides, where else can you put on your best suit besides your wedding and a funeral? At a stag night of course!


8. Pirates

Arrrrrrrrrrrr! We all wanted to be a pirate at one point and it would be great to live out this boyhood fantasy on a stag night. Pillage and plunder your way through the night with your dirty homeless duds, badass eye patch, and fake tattoos.