9 Disastrous Wedding Proposals

by Aisha Farndon on 27/11/2015

When the dream wedding proposal turns into a disaster proposal…

Announce your engagement and, after squealing, “Let’s see the ring!”, the next thing any girl’s friends are likely to do it is ask how he popped the question.

Then there’s all those EPIC (i.e. sometimes completely OTT) proposals that set the bar quite high. Like the guy who got all his girlfriend’s family and friends to take part in a song and dance before his proposal. Or the guy who proposal as part of their favourite video game. Or what about what seems like the thousands of people who proposal after some crazy, elaborate flash mob dance.

It’s got that OTT, there are now even professional wedding proposal helpers!

No pressure then.

In reality, many proposals come with stories you may not want to tell your grandkids. Like the proposal in comedy series Catastrophe, which included a drunken stranger, a dropped ring and a little urine. Gross!

With Christmas almost upon us, which is a classic time of year for proposals, we thought we’d ease that pressure for those looking to propose…as well as giving a little reality check to those hoping to be proposed to.

So here to make you feel a little better are 9 types of proposal disasters from times gone past

1. The hell-hole late-night food-joint


(One word blanked out for obvious reasons!)

This is America’s equivalent of being proposed to in a 24 hour “cafe” or McDonald’s, surrounded by lots more drunk people trying to fend off the inevitable hangover the next day.

2. The non-proposal

If you’re planning a proposal (or just been proposed to) and it didn’t go swimmingly, at least you can say you did propose. It seems like lots of Reddit members skipped straight to the planning stage!




3. When the man shoves the ring at her without words

One guy was so nervous that he decided he would go to the gym to work off his nervous energy. His girlfriend started asking what the hell he was doing going to the gym at 5 in the morning. Unable to get the words out, he stuttered and just grabbed the ring from his pocket and threw it at her!

She said yes.

4. The text proposal


5. For healthcare insurance

disaster-proposals At least you know you’re marrying a practical kind of guy!

6. The investment


We agree with Petit_Hilbou : Jane Austen would be turning in her grave. Or maybe rolling around with laughter like the first commenter.

7. When other people just mess it all up


8. When your intended fiancé won’t play ball

A friend’s now-husband had it in his head that they were going to take the scenic route to the restaurant along the beach. My friend was unaware, so when he was trying to hurry her up she got a little argumentative and asked what his problem was. He went ahead anyway!

Or the one where the girlfriend befriends the local drunk…Whilst waiting to board a boat to propose on a lovely secluded beach on the island of Kerrera, a guy started chatting to them. His friendly (and naive) girlfriend chatted back, unaware he was a functioning alcoholic. She then felt too rude to turn down the invitation from a local for a swift drink (which turned into doing shots at midday). They missed the boat and the next couple of days the weather was too bad to sail. With this being the third thwarted attempt he decided to just go ahead anyway later in the trip…romance or not!

9. When it’s forced

We’re betting this guy’s wife wouldn’t be too impressed if she knew the motive behind his proposal!


All excerpts taken from the following Reddit threads: