A Bavarian Stag Do

Posted in Stag Party Ideas & Advice by Kimberly Low on 11/08/2016

Busty beer wenches, beers and Bratwursts. Three things that make hosting a Bavarian stag do a no-brainer. You might wonder how exactly you are going to pull it off without leaving English soil but wonder no more as I am here to show you exactly how to host an epic Bavarian stag do right here in Manchester.

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1. The perfect Bavarian venue

And it’s none other than Bierkeller! Upon arrival, your Bavarian experience begins with complimentary shots and a pretzel each. After that it’s a flurry of games, fun and German hospitality that you will never ever forget. Complete with traditional beer hall entertainment, there’s really no better place to host a Bavarian stag do than at Bierkeller.

2. Get strapped into Lederhosen

So you’ve found the perfect venue. What’s next? Make sure you’ve got the right duds on, mate! Check out your neighbourhood costume shop or simply go online to rent a pair of “Lederhosen”. It’s basically a traditional German leather breeches worn for hard labour back in the day but has become a must-wear at Oktoberfest events and parties. Since it’s a symbol of virility and boldness, need I say more?

3. Beautiful beer wenches

No Bavarian themed party is complete without the sexy beer wenches in traditional Bavarian get-ups. Not only are they great at dealing with beers, they are also able to host games, pranks and dares to hype up your stag do. Best of all, they go wherever you want them to go so you can be assured that you would not feel anything less than Bavarian royalty!

4. Work those legs

Feel like throwing in a spot of football into your stag party agenda? Well, instead of the standard football, I’d suggest a much more fun version of the sport – Zorb Football! In Zorb Football, everybody wears an inflatable plastic bubble called a “zorb” while playing chasing and kicking a standard football. This means, a lot of bubble clashing and people bouncing off each other. You did say you want a funny activity, right?

5. A Bavarian feast fit for der König*

Finish your Bavarian party with a bang by tucking into delicious Bavarian food (and more beers!) fit for a king. Refuel and load up with massive Bratwurst, pork knuckles, potatoes and sauerkraut! There are a few good Bavarian restaurants in Manchester and I suggest checking out the reviews online before deciding on where to go.

So there, a complete guide on how to throw an awesome Bavarian stag do. As the Germans would say, alles gute*!

*All the best