A Beach Themed Hen Party

Posted in Hen Party Ideas & Advice by Kimberly Low on 24/11/2016

When is the best time to have a beach themed hen party? In the middle of this frigid winter, of course!

Yes, it’s completely doable as you will realise at the end of this article.


fruity cocktails


Without further ado, here are some ideas for you to throw the perfect beach themed hen party:


1. Find a beach party venue

You’re thinking, “Are you kidding me?”. Well, you may live miles away from the beach and it’s far too cold to go all the way out there anyway but these aren’t reasons to stop you from having a beach party. Just find a nice apartment, big enough to fit all the girls and bring the beach to you.

beach party apartment


2. Bring the beach to me?

Yes. You will be surprised at how a far a little creativity and ingenuity can take you. Cleverly decorate the apartment with things like beach towels, beach balls, fresh pineapples, paper pineapples, sand castle kits and flamingo inflatables. Don’t forget the balloons and streamers too! You may not have the splashing waves but you sure will have just as much fun as being on a real beach.

3. Makeup and accessorising

For the make-up, think sun-kissed and natural. Put on your best beachwear, sunhat and sunglasses. Not sure what beachwear is? Well, garments like swimsuits, bikinis, kaftans, flip flops and light sheer robes will qualify as proper beachwear.  

                     beach accessories      

4. Food and drinks

What do you eat and drink at a beach themed party? Seafood would be the natural choice but it won’t hurt to throw in some crowd-pleasers like pulled pork sandwiches, steaks, tropical fruits and an epic cheeseboard. If you’ve got a healthy party budget, by all means get a professionally made beach-themed feature cake as your centrepiece. The beverage of choice is none other than Pina Coladas, honey.


5. Beach party games and activities

 Other than the classic hen party games and activities such as DIY toilet roll wedding dress, couple quizzes and “how well do you know the bride?”, you can slip in some old but gold favourites such as limbo rock, mini bowling (with a coconut as the ball and pineapples at the pins), tug of war and hula hooping – all very beachy activities. 


So there, a guideline to throwing a fabulous beach themed hen party. Have a wonderful time, ladies!