Absolute Cocktail Bliss With Be At One

Posted in Hen Party Ideas & Advice by Jennifer Gowran on 02/11/2016

A cocktail wonderland right in the heart of Manchester.



So I have recently taken a little trip into Manchester city centre to a very impressive bar named Be At One. Are you a cocktail lover? Well trust me with the highly skilled master mixologists working at this bar if you aren’t a cocktail fan you will be before you leave. Here you get so much variety that you just simply cannot go wrong when trying to pick a drink. On top of all this there is a 2-4-1 happy hour available 12:00PM - 07:00PM giving you the chance to get the most out of the impressive cocktail deals available.




Located around Deansgate from the second I set eyes on the bar it gave a very cool and exclusive vibe. Walking down the twisting staircase the atmosphere took over as I got a look at the incredibly sexy décor with booths, tables and bar seating mixed with a great soundtrack featuring one of my personally favourite artists Stevie Wonder. Interested in a booth? You should be so take a look here for one of our booth packages with Be At One. 




Being home to just over 130 cocktails you would imagine it would be a cluttered and confusing menu but a lot of hard work has clearly gone into making it as easy to navigate as possible. Everything is split into flavours (bitter, spicy, dry, fruity, etc) letting you stick with what you know you like while giving you the chance to try something you have never had before. Being a rum fan and a lover of spicy drinks it didn’t take me long to find my new favourite cocktail the Jonny Cash which is one I'd definitely recommend.




As soon as you walk through the door you can tell the staff here love what they do and it reflects in the drinks. All the staff were a good laugh while providing flawless customer service with a great level of attentive care. That included inventing makeshift cocktails on the fly for one of my party when the cocktail she was after was unavailable. This would explain why Be At One gets such high praise from any group that we send on a Reinventing The Cocktail Wheel package.  



All in all I believe Be At One to be one of the best bars for a group after a good place to kick off a night out. Additionally thanks to its city centre location it might be ideal for anyone looking for a quiet drink with your mates or colleagues after work. I had a fantastic time visiting Be At One although I can’t remember everything about leaving and getting home one thing I know for sure is I’ll be going back again soon.