At-a-Glance Visual Pros and Cons to Hotels v Apartments

by Aisha Farndon on 07/01/2016

When it comes to your stag or hen party, one of the biggest dividing factors can be what type of stag or hen party accommodation you choose. Do you want the ultimate party pad or is budget the deciding factor? What if you can compromise and have the best of both? And are there any trade-offs you hadn’t even considered with each option?

We’re often asked this question, so why not check out our handy infographic below and then read on below for how this advice relates to stag and hen party accommodation in Manchester.

stag and hen party accommodation Manchester pros cons

PRICE – Hotels v Party Pads in Manchester

Let’s get to one of the main criteria for most stag and hen parties – especially the stags! Cost is important – the trick is to decide to what extent the perfect hen or stag do apartment or swanky hotel would make the weekend in Manchester stand out versus the extra cash for activities.

As you can see from our infographic, you’re generally looking around £20pp less for a 3* 2 night stay and £40pp less for a hostel (all depending on when you book.)

The extras that add up:

  • Some hotels charge as much as £6 to £10pp extra for breakfast per night. Why not combine breakfast and lunch if this is a deal breaker? It’s likely you will be hanging until lunchtime anyway!

SIZE – Stag and Hen Party Apartments in Manchester Clearly Win Here

You can’t deny the living space offered in apartments v hotels. If all you need is a base and you plan to be out and about then this is a non-issue. Yet if you want some pre-drinks, a gaming or pamper night in, or even a stripper or Butler in the Buff on your stag or hen do then our party apartments in Manchester city centre tick the boxes!

We do tend to find that stags turn their noses up at sharing beds in apartments but really want the living space they offer. We tend to find that once people get drunk, most of you will pass out and not give a damn!

FACILITIES – It’s a Close Call in Manchester

Asides from the kitchen facilities, hotels normally win hands-down when it comes to facilities. However, usually you need to upgrade to a 4* or 5* hotel for this. Yet in Manchester, you’re lucky in that there is a 3* hotel (see below) that also offers a pool, sauna, gym, free parking space per room and breakfast for rates less than Premier Inns normally.