Bring Oktoberfest beer festival fun to your Manchester stag weekend

by Aisha Farndon on 12/08/2013


Discover The Bierkeller

The Printworks in Manchester has just stepped it up a notch as far as Manchester stag weekends are concerned. Well, so we think anyway!  If there’s one thing the Germans do well (apart from nabbing the sun-beds early morning with their towels ), it’s great draught beer . If you love the idea of Oktoberfest beer festival fun but your stag party is in June, or Germany is a bit too pricey, then we’d certainly be recommending that our stag dos check out Bierkeller in The Printworks.  And whilst we’re talking of new stag-friendly venues, the same chain is also introducing Shooters, a sport bar, and Around the World in 80 beers.

Bierkeller has already been a massive hit in because it offers a unique and fun drinking and dining experience on all fronts – beer, food and a distinctive and original party atmosphere that encourages everyone to join in the drinking, which is unsurprisingly what a lot of guys want from their Manchester stag weekend (especially the latter part!).

A popular request for a lot of stag dos are beer wenches and these will be aplenty in Bierkeller in the Printworks – serving you the best of draught German beer and not a pint from Wetherspoons on the stag pub crawl! Not just that, the food is affordable too – for less than a tenner you can be tucking into a Bratwurst sausage or chicken snitzel and chips, leaving you more money for drinking on your stag night in Manchester!

Part of any stag do usually involves getting a dirty pint for the stag and trying to ensure that everyone gets involved in the drinking spirit of things, which is why we reckon Bierkeller in Manchester will be a hit for stags – their Bavarain Oompah Stompers will  get everyone involved in copious amounts of drinking as part of their musical act and so do the dirty work for you!

From the same chain will come Shooters and Around the World in 80 beers as new additions to The Printworks. Shooters is perfect for those who still want to catch the football on their stag do as it shows live sport all day, whilst Around the World in 80 beers does exactly what is says on the tin. Actually it does more – try 200 beers on offer – not that we’re suggesting you can get through them all on your Manchester stag weekend….!!

So for beer, women and a party atmosphere, it may be worth checking out…