Cocktail Craziness #dontdrinkonworknights

by Jess Dagnall on 30/05/2014

…well when your boss orders the cocktails!

When the boss took the team out for the afternoon last week in Manchester, one of the delights we were lucky enough to experience was the long-standing hen party favourite, the cocktail masterclass.

Now, if you bear in mind that usually groups of eight and above do this activity, it might help you envisage how all those cocktails went down between just the three of us! Of course you don’t have to drink every cocktail that gets put in front of you (and I have to say, they all seemed to get put in front of me)… but I chose to have a crack at them all. Needless to say productivity at work suffered the next day! #dontdrinkonworknights

Amongst drinking the cocktails you might be surprised to know that we did actually learn a bit about them too. Did you know that if you slap a mint leaf between your hands it makes it smell stronger? No, neither did we! That certainly made for a tastier Mojito and I’ll definitely be utilising my new found knowledge in future.

My highlight? Being blindfolded and attempting to make a Long Island Iced Tea under the guidance of my lovely colleague Aisha, who then likened my efforts to “dirty canal water”, thanks!

Oh and mustn’t forget to mention the boss’ admirable attempt at Beyonce style booty shaking to shake up his cocktail – you throw those shapes Mike!

On a more serious note, if you’re sitting on the fence undecided whether to book a cocktail masterclass for your hen group or not then take my advice and get booking! They’re well put together, the bar staff are so much fun and cocktails are yummy. You won’t regret it!