Confessions of a Butler in the Buff

by Kimberly Low on 21/04/2016

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“I’ve dropped something. Can you pick it up?”

What seems like an innocent question is hardly so when the person who got asked is a butler in the buff.

Many professional naked butlers can attest to this – that it’s really a misconception that hens do are tamer than stag parties. They’re not tame, far from it. It’s amazing what a round of drinks and a pair of butt cheeks that have been to the gym can do to a group of women.

We chit-chatted with a few butlers in the buff who have worked the hen do circuits in Manchester to find out more juicy details regarding their common profession. What we’ve managed to find out are pretty shocking…

secret confessions of butler in the buff

One butler claimed that a hen actually chased him around with a phallic object and tried to penetrate him with it! We decided not to press him further on whether the act was successfully completed. The interesting thing was he made it sounded like it’s just an average day at work.

Another butler chimed in and told us that once he had to hide in the attic as a very drunk and angry groom came home demanding to know whether there was a stripper in the house. Luckily, he had managed to escape unscathed. We really think that all hens should be aware of how accepting a groom is when it comes to hiring saucy entertainment like butler in the buff. Full disclosure, girls!

Do brides really go all out at their hen parties? Not according to the butlers. Can you guess who could out-party the bride? The maid of honour? The hens? Unexpectedly, the accolade goes to none other than the mother of the bride! Apparently, the mother hens are the most flirtatious of the lot; we have to chalk it to the many years of practice.

Surprisingly, only 29% of hen party guests request for kisses or telephone numbers from the butlers. We had expected more but it’s just not as popular as requests for buttock pictures (50%).

How about bum groping? Oh yes, it happens a lot, 66% of the time in fact. “If you have your bum out, expect it to be slapped!”, said one ardent butler in the buff.

One thing for sure, the butlers seem to love their jobs and they all agree that no matter how odd a situation can get at a hen do, it’s all in good fun. And we are positive that the ladies who have hired butlers in the buff would concur.