Football Fixtures and Stag and Hen Accommodation in Manchester

by Aisha Farndon on 12/08/2013


With football fixtures released, find out how to deal with Man United fans taking all the accommodation and driving prices up!

With football fixtures released yesterday, many will find it more difficult and a lot more pricy to source their stag and hen accommodation. Manchester is understandably one of the busiest cities when football matches are on, with a lot of supporters travelling from afar. We may be able to help through our held lists with Manchester hen and stag accommodation suppliers or cancellations, but rooms are limited and you’ll have to act quickly.

For non-United fans, activities and nightlife are a key part of any stag party or hen night. Manchester has lots to offer and so it’s a shame to blow the budget all on your hotel or apartment. So instead of cursing the fans from farther afield and wishing they supported their own local team, check out our guide on sourcing your hen or stag accommodation in Manchester to avoid your mates cursing you for not arranging the weekend properly!

1. First point of call – Manchester United’s fixture list for 2013/14

The Manchester United 2013/2014 home fixture list is below. Bear in mind that accommodation will still be affected even if the match changes from a Saturday to a Sunday.

24 August, 14 September, 21 September, 28 September, 19 October, 26 October, 9 November, 7 December, 21 December, 11 January, 8 February, 1 March, 15 March, 29 March, 12 April, 26 April and 3 May.

2. Book now if you can’t change the date!

Getting a date in everyone’s diary when they are free can be a real pain and it may be that you can’t change the date for your stag or hen weekend. Manchester accommodation availability will generally be low but we have great relationships with our providers and we may be able to offer you held rooms or cancellations. Either way, we will strive to get you the most affordable option for your preferred weekend. However, as we already have some weekends that are now completely booked-up, call us now or click here.

3. You could always elect a different date and probably save money!

Better accommodation selection and most likely cheaper – win/win! Another point is that the city centre may be full of rowdy football fans afterwards – so book another weekend if you wish to avoid this.

4. Stay outside the city centre

Whilst Manchester city-centre would be ideal, you could stay just outside for probably a £5 to £10 return fare for each person. Pretty cheap when you consider the increased hotel and apartment prices! If you want to do so, we can discuss the alternatives and even arrange transport.

So if you need to book on a football match weekend, then get in touch to see if we have any held or cancelled accommodation. And if you need to convince your friends to pay the deposit quickly to secure your stag or hen accommodation in Manchester, share this article! But if you can, we’d recommend you avoid these weekends.