Four Must-See TV Shows for Brides-to-Be

by Aisha Farndon on 01/02/2016

Who needs costly wedding magazines with bridal TV shows like these?

If you’re looking for lots of wedding inspiration, you no longer have to just rely on wedding magazines. There are now lots of wedding shows on TV that feed into every bride’s desire to devour as much wedding ideas as possible to ensure her vision comes across perfectly on her big day.

wedding tv shows


Here’s a run-down of the best wedding TV shows on TV and why you should watch them (as well as reasons why you may want to avoid them)!

Four Weddings (TLC)

The concept is a little like a Come Dine With Me but for weddings. Four brides meet, invite the others to their weddings and then each bride gets to rate the other brides’ weddings on a number of factors. 

Why you should watch it:

It’s great for getting inspiration for what you can do on certain budgets as the brides often range from the very modest budgets up to the extravagant.

You also get a very good idea of what factors guests will think of when attending your wedding that you may not have factored in.

Why you shouldn’t watch it:

With it being a competition, lots of brides clearly have a game-plan of slating each other’s weddings. If you’re the worrying kind you may start to think everyone will be judging you coming down the aisle or as they tuck into their food. They won’t, as they want the best for you, whilst the brides on this programme are looking to find fault!

Say Yes to the Dress (TLC)

This is the perfect show to watch to get some much-needed wedding dress inspiration for the big day. Brides visit an upmarket boutique where consultants are on hand with tonnes of dresses.

Why you should watch it:

You’ll learn the different wedding dress shapes and what works well with different body shapes. You’ll also see for yourself how taking too many people can be problematic and cause decision dilemmas, meaning you can plan ahead!

Why you shouldn’t watch it:

Erm….is there a reason? Maybe in case you see a favourite dress and then you try it on find that you didn’t get quite the same reaction as her family and friends did?!

Don’t Tell the Bride (BBC 3)

As if this needs any introduction! The bride and groom get given just three weeks to plan a wedding but they get £14,000 towards the cost of their wedding. The only catch? They can’t see each other for three weeks and the groom has to do all the planning (the message they’re sending out being that it’s all about the bride’s big day which she normally plans.)

Why you should watch it:

You’ll see the creative ways that guys haggle and come up with inventive ways to get around the budget.

You’ll get an insight into what guys would do if they weren’t playing to the bride’s tune most of the time – and in some cases being really glad that they aren’t left in charge to do such crazy ideas!

The bride’s reaction to some of their groom’s choices are amazing. Like the reaction to the groom who booked the wedding in Vegas but half the family couldn’t afford to attend. Or the bride’s reaction to the groom who thought it would be a good idea for her to make a grand entrance skydiving in.

Why you shouldn’t watch it:

Sometimes it’s obvious that the bride has told the groom before the show exactly what she wants and it can be quite annoying to watch!

When the wedding planning gets a little too much you may suffer envy that the couple get it all paid for and can blitz the planning in just three weeks!

All Hail the Veil (C4)

One bride visits three very different salons – from “discount divas to haute hipsters and high-end couture queens) – and they all fight it out to find her dream dress. The bride picks the winner in a surprise end-of-episode reveal in front of her friends, family and salon owners.

Why you should watch it:

You’ll see the full range of different wedding dress styles for inspiration.

You should hopefully be pleasantly surprised by what the “discount divas” can come up with.

Why you shouldn’t watch it:

You may just realise that you’ve got very expensive taste and it ruins your whole wedding dress shopping experience!