Fun Photo Prop Ideas

by Kimberly Low on 14/07/2016

One of the things that is often overlooked at a stag/hen party is the photos. You might think that all you need is a designated photographer to make all the important moments are captured but trust me, you need more. A little something-something to liven up the party. What you need are photo props!

 photo prop ideas image

Here are a few photo prop ideas for your party:

1. Mock photo frame or Instagram frame

Get a large photo frame, take out the back mat and voila, a cool photo prop for your party. It’s cool because of the inception quality; taking a picture of a picture. Get it? Another similar idea that’s very popular right now is a mock Instagram frame. The wonderful thing about this prop is that you can include various party details such as dates, quotes and names on the frame.

2. Various masks

Ah, the classics! Get masks that are suitable for the theme of your party and watch your guests go wild taking pictures with them. You can also get customised masks printed. Imagine having everyone wearing masks printed with the faces of the bride/groom-to-be. Oh, the hilarity!

3. Outrageous wigs

If you’ve got masks, you might as well get some crazy wigs too. From rainbow coloured afros to bright pink bouffant to Elvis Presley’s hair or Michael Jackson’s ringlets, we suggest you get them all!

4. Cardboard conversation bubbles

This is a great way to get people to pose differently. Depending on what’s written on the conversation bubbles, they will probably pose accordingly. You can also include some blank ones that the hens/stags can write on so that they get to pose with personal messages to the couple.

5. Photo backdrops/photo booth

Having a photo backdrop or a photo booth may seem like a splurge but it’s pretty easy to DIY. You will be amazed at how easily a blank wall can be transformed into an epic photo backdrop. Hang up a few buntings and streamers and bam, an awesome backdrop for all your hen/stag pictures.

6. Adult toys

Yes, you read me right. You probably will not expect the high level of fun that you can have with a couple of (clean or better yet, new) dildos, bum beads and nipple tassels. Do warn your guests though that they are strictly for photography purposes!

7. Quick costume

Prepare a few costumes that you can quickly throw on too, such as jackets or capes. You don’t really want people spending time changing in and out of fancy costumes during the party just for a picture opportunity.
We hope you’ll get to take some great pictures from your stag/hen party with these ideas! Say….cheese!