Funny Hen Party Themes

Posted in Hen Party Ideas & Advice by Kimberly Low on 17/11/2016

A little humour goes a long way so why have just a little? Go ahead and make a funny hen party happens because deep down inside, you know that’s what every girl needs – a cocktail and a laugh.

Just in case you’re not sure what to do, here’s a five funny hen party themes for you to pick from:

1. Dress up just like the bride

This party theme is inspired by supermodel Heidi Klum who recently went to a Halloween party with an entourage of her own lookalikes. Yes, her epic Halloween costume was a bevy of ladies made up to look just like her; from hair to clothes to her makeup and even demeanour! It was so well done that people couldn’t tell who the real McCoy was. So, get everybody to dress up like the bride-to-be and watch hilarity unfolds!


2. Dress up as old ladies

Imagine seeing a group of grannies partying up like it’s 1999 at the local club; wearing sunglasses cause sunlight hurts their eyes. Hilarious. Only that these older women aren’t really older women, they’re you. Dressing up as old ladies is probably one of the funnier things you can do at a hen party. Whether you’re going down the serious special effects route or calling it a day with a comical grey wig and granny pants, people are going to be amused.

3. Dress up as hens

It is a hen party after all! So put on the biggest, cluckiest hen costumes you can find and hit the club together. Besides the laughs, there isn’t anything quite as beneficial to your friendship as sharing a donner kebab while sweating inside chicken costumes together.

4. Dress up as Ali G

People are always tickled by men cross-dressing at stag parties but what they have no idea is that it’s even more amusing when women do it! So girls, dress up as Ali G and enjoy the attention. If there’s one among you named Julie, well, booyakasha!

5. Wear socks

Wear some socks….in your panties. Make sure you’ve stuffed enough socks in your pants that they could save you from breaking a nose when you walk into a wall. Let them folks out there wonder whether it’s a case of wardrobe malfunction or pre-operatives gathering. Remember, pictures or it never happened! 

Have an amazingly fun hen do ladies!