Guy Sends Cardboard Cut-out of Himself to Brother’s Stag Do

by Kimberly Low on 26/05/2016

There’s only one legitimate reason for a best man to miss a stag do; that is if he’s dead. But 29-year-old pharmacist John Bentley is not dead, in fact he’s very much alive and well.


Sadly, he was unable to make his brother’s stag night as he had just moved half way across the world and was only able to attend either the stag do in Portugal or the wedding. He chose the latter, as any upstanding man would.

Still, he was gutted that he was unable to make the stag do. His brother, the groom was equally bummed out by the circumstances.

They say when there’s a will, there’s a way.

John Bentley was determined to be with his brother at his final hurrah as a single man and so he did just that. Bentley printed a life-size cut-out of himself and had all 5’11” of it delivered to his parents’ home. What followed was a tale of brotherhood and kinship that would thaw the iciest of hearts.

The stag lads finally got their hands on the cut-out and they painstakingly hid it from the groom’s sight all the way to Lisbon, Portugal. The very first time Bentley’s brother laid his eyes on the cut-out was when it rolled out of the airport’s baggage carousel. We can’t confirm the story but there were whispers of manly tears being shed.

The groom carried the cut-out around Lisbon for 3 whole days, making sure that his cardboard brother/best man was involved in every stag activity that took place. Whether it was sight-seeing, chatting up girls, downing shots or getting pranked, John Bentley was there in 2-dimensional form.

Needless to say, the boys had a grand time in Lisbon. We’re pretty sure the cut-out did too. Unfortunately we’re unable to find out as John Bentley’s brother found the £32 to put 2D John in the hold for the trip back way too steep. He’s still standing around somewhere staring intently at passers-by in Lisbon airport.