Hen Party Dares

by Kimberly Low on 28/04/2016

Besides catching up and bonding with the girls, the best thing about a hen party are the dares!

You don’t often get opportunities to have your best girlfriend do embarrassing things so don’t let this chance passes without throwing her some of our favourite dares below:

1. Clothes exchange

hen party dares 1

The bride-to-be must convince a complete male stranger to exchange one item of clothing with him. The hilarity of this dare is entirely dependent on the stranger; it could be an innocent sock…but it could also be a sweaty pair of pants.

2. Get a phone number from a complete stranger

And then get her to dial every one of them with the speaker on to make sure it’s real! Throw in a couple of rules that the bride-to-be must comply with, such as asking the bloke where to buy haemorrhoid cream or to admit that she has a third nipple.

3. Get a guy to buy her and her companion a drink

hen party dares illustration 2

This is a classic dare. Make sure the bride-to-be is not allowed to reveal that she’s on a hen party dare. Her “companion” is of course there to make sure she doesn’t cheat.


4. Sing and dance to You Spin Me ‘Round (Like a Record) to a chosen stranger

Get all the hens to decide on a stranger and then have the bride-to-be approach him and start singing this iconic song. She must also dance while at it. We can’t guarantee who would be more embarrassed though, the bride or the chosen lad.


5. Take a picture with a man with hairy chest

hen party dares 3 - man with hairy chest                                                                                                                                      www.canstockphoto.co.uk

The genius of this dare lies in its simplicity. Get the bride-to-be to find a man with hairy chest and take a selfie with him. She better hope that there are plenty of willing hairy-chested fellas in low cut shirts around or she would have to sheepishly ask every male in the room whether he has hair on his chest.

6. Get someone to take a picture, but with his own camera,

The bride-to-be must ask a random man to take a picture of her, but the twist is this: he has to do it with his own camera. Make sure she’s not allowed to reveal she’s in a hen party to level-up the challenge.


7. Live like a musical for 30 minutes

musical princess hen party dare illustration 4

How about getting the bride-to-be to communicate in a singsong voice for a whole 30 minutes? Basically, she must sing out all her words and conversations to anyone during the set time period.
Have fun planning your hen party dares and do let us know how it went if you’ve used some of our suggestions.