How to Buy Yourself More Time While Planning a Wedding

Posted in Weddings by Kimberly Low on 25/08/2016

Wedding planning is one of the fastest growing businesses right now. Do you know why?

Well, planning a wedding may seem exciting to a bride-to-be at first but it is actually one of the most stressful tasks for a person to take on.

It’s so much more than just getting a dress, a cake, a DJ and a venue – it’s dealing with multiple vendors, staying within a complicated budget, managing people’s expectations, managing your own expectations and it is very time consuming! So yes, honey, there is a real and demanding market for wedding planners.

They don’t come cheap though, so you may have to still do-it-yourself at the end of the day. I am here to offer you tips on how to create more time and less stress for yourself while planning a wedding.

1. Stick to your timetable or schedule.

This goes without saying. Everybody knows that you should make a timetable or schedule when it comes to wedding planning. However, the emphasis on sticking to said schedule is lacking.

Many bride-to-bes are splendid when it comes to drawing up schedules but as for following them, not so much. It’s very tempting to tick off just one more task in your timetable especially when you find yourself having the extra time but this is exactly how you get yourself caught in a web of never-ending wedding related chores.

No matter how tempting it is, use that extra time to treat yourself to get laundry done, play with the kids, get a nice, long lunch break or simply wind down with a glass of wine.

wedding schedule

2. If you can’t find the time, make the time.

So you’ve done the timetables, the to-do lists and all the sticking to them but yet still find yourself lacking time for other important tasks in your life? Why is this happening? Don’t worry as this is a very simple issue that can be solved with just a minor adjustment to your lifestyle.

Wake up earlier!

You will be surprised at how much can be done in the couple of extra hours you get from waking up earlier. There are also less distractions for you to accomplish your tasks in those extra hours if everybody else at home is still asleep.

3. Ask and you shall receive.

I know what you’re thinking. Ask for help? Yeah right, mate #BritishProblem.

Well, hear me out here. It’s really not that bad asking for help, especially from your loved ones. People are generally happy to lend a hand, especially if you’re clever enough to ask them for favours that they enjoy doing.

For instance, your parents would be happy to watch the kids for a few hours while you nip out for a haircut. Your girlfriends would be happy to participate in some girly bonding activities aka helping with DIY projects over the weekend.

helping hand

4. Stop procrastinating.

Let’s just get this out of the way. Procrastination is terrible!

When you procrastinate you’re doing things that do not add value to your life as the expense of your time. Procrastination stresses you up because you have to rush and dash when you’re running out of time and worst of all, you won’t be able to accomplish your tasks as nicely as you could have if you had more time.

Beat procrastination by following this mantra, “Eat an elephant one bite at a time.”

We tend to procrastinate whenever a task at hand seems difficult, immense or boring. Instead of attempting to tackle the main issue straightaway and then getting overwhelmed hence losing focus, try dividing the main task into a few minor tasks instead. That way you will be able to zone in at accomplishing the simpler but contributive work first, one at a time.

5. Prioritise.

Many people have trouble prioritising. They spend too much time on doing things that are not really important, eventually leaving themselves no time for doing things that are.

Don’t fall into this trap. Start by asking yourself everytime you’re presented with a task, “How important is this?”

Weigh the outcomes of leaving those tasks for later and start on the ones that are most pressing. This way even if you’ve run out of time, you would have gotten the important things out of the way first.

prioritising tasks                                                                                                                  

Hope these tips will get you through one of the most stressful times of your life. Happy wedding planning!