How to host a Great Apartment Party

by Kimberly Low on 19/05/2016

Here, we have some suggestions for you to turn your apartment party from drab to fab...

Firstly, what sets your party apart from all the others is your decorations. Pick a theme and decorate your party accordingly. An apartment space decked out with the right decorations is able to set the right party atmosphere. Imagine going to a party that’s just contained within 4 blank walls with beige furniture, would you feel like socialising?

apartment cocktails and champagne

To bring your decorations up a notch, stick to a colour scheme as this will make your party decorations look sophisticated and professionally fitted.

Here are some examples of decorations that you can get for your party:

- streamers
- balloons
- buntings
- inflatables
- backdrop
- tealights

Now that your decorations are in place, the next thing to handle is food. What kind of food are you planning to serve your guests? Is it a sit-down dinner or a cocktail party? This depends on your party timing too, if it is smacked right in the middle of lunch or dinner time, then be sure to be serving substantial food to your guests. In between meal times? Snacks and finger foods are great.

Besides the taste, make sure that the food are easy to eat and are not too messy for a party. Food that are easy to be shared are great too. Think:

- sandwiches
- skewered meat
- crudités
- cured meat platter
- cheese platter
- cupcakes
- pasta
- curry and rice
- samosas
- prawn cocktails

So we’ve dealt with decorations and the food are settled, it’s time to plan the party activities. Obviously, they must not be too bland; a book reading isn’t exactly what we’d call an exciting party activity. Think about how guests can bond and get to know each other and also consider the fun factor of the activities.

There are many activities that be booked for an apartment party:

- Strippers
- Naked chocolatier
- Perfume making
- Pamper treatments
- Cocktail classes
- Butlers in the Buff
- Fascinator making
- Cocktail ring making
- Garter making
- Flower crown making
- Knicker customization
- Bunting making

Lastly, don’t forget about the drinks. Needless to say, nothing short of an open bar is fitting for a great apartment party. Have a great time!