How to Make a Halloween Wedding as Fierce as Beyonce

Posted in Weddings by Aisha Farndon on 18/09/2015

…because you will love each other “’til death us do part'”

When you ask people what their wedding theme is, chances are they’ll come up with something like “pretty in pink”, “rustic”, “vintage” or “glamourous”. If you’d prefer to shock people with a fun-filled Halloween wedding theme, read on for our top tips. Trust us, they’ll make your wedding rock!


1. Wedding Invites

We love the play of words on these Halloween wedding invites. It’s a great way to remind people that this wedding is as much a theme about fun as about Halloween!

2. Dress

Let’s face it: how many of you would really choose to wear an ivory or white dress on any day other than your wedding day? With fake tan seen as a no-go for a wedding, it can leave you somewhat washed out, but with a Halloween wedding you can wear the much more flattering shade of black. Voila!

View the dress here

3. Bouquet

And no-one will ever question whether you went for fake flowers due to budget…!

Check out the bouquet here



4. Ring Holder

This ring box is sold as a proposal box, but if you’re reading this, chances are you’re already engaged. So why not use it as ring holders instead? After all, it does reiterate your wedding vows!

View here. 

5. Veil

Who wouldn’t want an excuse to wear a chic birdcage veil like in haunting black?!

6. Wedding Games

Add even more fun to your Halloween wedding with some spooky games. We’re not 100% sure your wedding guests will all want to try the ouija board (or that you’d want anyone asking whether your marriage is going to last!), but a fortune teller is a sure fire way to get everyone chatting.



7. Cake

These cakes are a piece of art that we’re not sure you’d want to cut!

View here

8. Decor

Who wants rustic lanterns when you can have pumpkin lanterns instead?! 


9. Cocktails

It’s become quite the craze to invent a “signature cocktail” at your wedding. Instead of a signature cocktail, why not go for this Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion? Just make sure you don’t spill it on your dress!

View here. 


10. Guest Book

A genius idea for a Halloween wedding guest book!

Take a look here.