Life Drawing Tutorials from Youtube

by Kimberly Low on 18/08/2016

One of the most entertaining activities at a stag or hen do is life drawing.

You do get lessons from professionals during the life drawing sessions but here are a few great video tutorials from Youtube that can give you a fantastic head-start.

1. How to use your pencil as a ruler to measure anything.

In a life sketching environment, you can’t exactly take a ruler to your model, scale down the measurements and transfer them to your sketch. That’s why it’s important to know how to measure with using a pencil. This video will teach you exactly that.

2. How to shade a drawing.

Learn how to turn your two-dimensional drawing into a dynamic piece of art by learning how to shade your drawing. Give your drawing shapes and shadows with expertly done shading, all thanks to this video. Of course, practice makes perfect so give it a few attempts until you’re happy.

3. How to construct a body.

Since you will be in a life drawing session sketching a nude model, of course you have to learn how to construct a human body! Watch this video to learn how to form a body with the right proportions.

4. How to draw a head from any angle

You only have one model available during a life sketch and you can’t really choose where to sit during the session so it’s very helpful to know how to draw a head from any angle. After a couple of practices according to the video you could probably whip up a nice portrait.

5. How to draw a hand.

Trust me after you’ve watched this video you won’t end up with sock hands on your drawing. Learn from this video on how to draw realistic looking hands. I bet you your mates will be well-impressed with your hands.

6. How to draw chest muscles

Don’t ruin your drawing with poor sketching of pectorals during your hen party life drawing session. Make sure those chest muscles are well-defined and properly formed in your drawing.

So there, 6 Youtube videos with lessons that will serve you well during a life drawing session. Who knows, you might uncover a hidden talent while practising with these videos!