Make Dreams Come True with a Disney Themed Hen Party

Posted in Hen Party Ideas & Advice by Kimberley Low on 09/06/2016

Every girl has wishes of becoming a Disney Princess at some point of her life but as years passed, the drudgeries of life would have pushed your princess dreams to the backburner till… Prince Charming pops the question!



There’s no better day to make your princess dream comes true than at your own hen party. Imagine, hanging out with your best girlfriends, dressed in your beautiful royal frocks, celebrating your final days as a Princess before moving on to the next chapter of your life - as the Queen of your man’s life.

Sounds magical? We think so too! So here are some ideas on how to throw a wonderful Disney themed hen party that could only come straight out of a fairy tale.

1.    The dresses

Consider injecting some sexiness into your Disney Princess costume. How about Cinderella with cleavage? Snow White in a mini skirt? Elsa in a sheer dress? As for Pocahontas, Ariel and Jasmine, they’ve gotten the sexy thing down. You can certainly find the perfect princess costume on the Internet or from your neighbourhood costume shops.



2.    Make-up and accessorising

After all, you are living your dream fairy-tale, so don’t hold back with the makeup and accessorising! This is the perfect excuse to apply the most stunning make-up. Check out all the make-up tutorials on Youtube and start experimenting. We particularly love this tutorial on transformation into Snow White:


3.    The decorations

You have probably watched your favourite Disney princess movie for the umpteenth time and surely you’ve picked up a few significant details here and there. Mirrors and apples in Snow White, roses and teacups in Beauty and the Beast, pumpkins and glass shoes in Cinderella, and so on. Use these movie details to your advantage in decorating your hen party and complement the space with matching buntings, streamers, balloons, and other decorative items. And don’t forget the glitter!



4.    The games and activities

Bring out the classic hen party games but modify them just a little to fit your Disney party theme. For example, the classic “Pin the tail” game can be turned into “Pin the Nose on Olaf”; from the movie Frozen while “Fashion a bridal dress out of toilet rolls” can be turned into wrapping your girlfriend with her toilet roll “hair”, a nod to Tangled. How about “Match the Disney Couple” or “Disney Bridal Bingo” for something more laidback. Throw in a few fun girly activities too such as manicures/pedicures, cupcake decorating and crafting. Lastly, it’s absolutely compulsory to have a Disney movie marathon with your gal pals!



5.    Food and drinks

Obviously, only a spread fit for a princess is allowed at this party. Think lots of cupcakes in romantic pastel coloured frosting, macarons, sky-high Pavlova, dainty sandwiches, individually portioned pasta or wraps, cheeses and fresh fruits.  Keep the drinks simple – water with lemon slices for hydration and champagnes because, why not?




We hope these ideas are able to help you pull off the most wonderful and magical Disney themed hen party you have ever been too. Have fun!