Manchester’s Top Wedding Photographers

by Kimberly Low on 05/05/2016

Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Manchester? Every photographer has his or her own style and it’s up to you find out what suits you best.


wedding photograph

Consider the look and feel of a photographer’s portfolio, whether you like the same for your own pictures or not. Set up a face-to-face or a Skype meeting with your would-be photographer so that you can really tell if you guys can get along – this is of utmost importance.

Afterall, it is your wedding day, and you would want someone who gets how important the day is to you to take the pictures.

There are so many choices to pick from but we’ve made it easier for you by shortlisting seven of Manchester’s best here:

1. Neil Redfern

Neil Redfern is a 3-time winner of the BIPP North West Wedding Photographer of the Year, which means he is really, really good at what he does. His cinematic yet sensitive style of photography results in wedding pictures that are both mesmerising and evocative.

2. Pixies in the Cellar

Pixies in the Cellar is helmed by Pete and Sara. They have an amazing capacity to maximise the surroundings they are in, churning out masterful picture after another. We also love their documentary style with amazing strobing techniques, turning your ordinary moments into extraordinary moments through their images.


3. Mike Plunkett Photography

Mike Plunkett started out as a quick replacement for a friend’s wedding whose photographer had dropped out at the last minute. As soon as people saw his pictures, enquiries started streaming in and no wonder he decided to ditch his day job and take up wedding photography full time. Mike’s pictures are just lovely! We love the colour treatment of his photos and his composition style. Very contemporary yet inviting.

4. Johnboy Wilson Photography

Johnboy Wilson’s portfolio can be summed up in one word – “versatile”. He seems to be able to encapsulate the personality of every couple he has worked with in pictures….beautifully shooting them at their best on the most important day of their lives. He takes absolutely stunning posed pictures as well as candids.

5. Foxley Photography

Oli and AJ are a pair of creatives who co-head Foxley Photography. Their style is a fusion of reportage and fine art, concentrating on organic moments during a wedding. The colour treatment of their photos is in plain word – “delicious” and they are great at taking pictures in both daytime and night – a testament to great photography skills. You won’t go wrong with them.

6. Mike and Tom

Mike & Tom are the creative duo behind Mike and Tom. Mike & Tom understand the importance of family and group pictures as well as the storytelling part of a wedding day. Capturing once-in-a lifetime moments, their pictures are cinematic yet effortless.

7. Stephen McGowan Photography

The keyword here is fusion. With a fine blend of documentary, cinematic, creative and fine art, Stephen McGowan Photography is a go-to place for Manchester couples looking for something unique and memorable. We especially love their pictures of a couple with extraordinary light painting as the backdrop in pure darkness!