Mr and Mrs hen games just got better!

by Aisha Farndon on 12/09/2013

I was at my sister-in-law to be’s hen party last weekend and her friends were pretty creative and managed to take thehen games up a notch. The problem is, we’re not all quite creative and so if you’re looking for ways to make your hen party in Manchester stand out I’ll let you in on how to make sure you dazzle in your role as bridesmaid in the time-honoured game of Mr and Mrs!

mr and mrs

So what made Mr and Mrs, one of the most traditional of hen games, so great?

  • Like a lot of people nowadays, portable devices like laptops and iPads can be used to make the whole experience better. So much better watching the groom scratching around for his answers than to hear them read out and condensed! It’s also a great keepsake for the happy couple as well as one of the best hen games you can do. It’s not always desirable to take your laptop or iPad somewhere though, so if you’re away from home for your hen do in Manchester  then why not do it as part of the pre-night gathering at your apartment or hotel?
  • Ok, so they had the help of a graphic designer boyfriend but the whole thing was very polished. There was background music, the questions came up in text before on the laptop and so there was no mad scrambling backwards and forwards pressing buttons before the next answer was showed– they had it under control! There’s lots of free video software out there if you google it so you can easily recreate this yourselves.
  • The best technological part though was when the answers were given by my sister-in-law. They had pre-recorded responses by my brother (think 80s style game-show announcements) for right and wrong answers.
  • My brother is indecisive and talks his thoughts out-loud which was pretty hilarious to watch. (Apparently lots of footage had to be cut. I used to think I was the big talker but after that I realised that he could take me on). OK, so you have to work with what you have got but pick a more controversial topic every so often that you know they might fight over (like who’s the laziest), or that they wouldn’t have a clue about, and see them squirm! Just make sure you also have some answers in there too that they will know – you don’t want an upset bride-to-be on your hen night in Manchester.
  • They got him to wear various items of Lahra’s underwear. Yes, maybe it’s immature but it’s still funny!

Check back for our next installment on some of the best hen games, where I’ll be going through the joys that can be had with white bin-liner (with real-life videos to match)!