Our Experience: Afternoon Tea for Three

by Aisha Farndon on 23/05/2014

Talk about a turn around…last week the thought of afternoon tea in Manchester wouldn’t have been at the top of my wish list for hen party daytime activities – give me a competitive sport or something acrobatic and I would be there! I had also NEVER eaten a macaroon in my life and wondered why the Manchester Christmas markets were full of them and hot cross bun scones…why have one of them when I could have a chocolate cake, I thought




Fast forward a week and all I can still think about are the gorgeously chewy macaroons I was served when we went for a “due diligence” day at our Manchester afternoon tea suppliers and how when my friend moves north we can celebrate her becoming a doctor there instead of our usual haunts (though of course we will be opting for a bottle of prosecco on the side!).

I’m not quite sure what changed my mind. Maybe it was the lovely weather that added to the overall feeling of a relaxed setting sat by the window overlooking the canal. It could equally have been the decor – anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with exposed brickwork and teal and this place has both and, let me tell you, their interior designer has done a good job (in my humble, slightly-colour-blind-so-my-fiance-has-to-pick-the-cushions-that-match-the-room opinion, but my colleagues agreed). Or it could be the really friendly staff – I met the lovely Elissa and also met Fiona, who just got engaged recently, and any bride-to-be always feels a sense of comradeship with fellow BTBs!

However, it was the food that really left its mark to change my mind. Asides from an utterly scrumptious sandwich bun, I was treated to a scone where it was the perfect amount of chewy, warm, sweet softness, if that makes any sense at all?! (Forgive my amateur food critic review, all I know is that it’s the best I’ve tasted!) I also loved the lemon mouse-type dessert – a lovely refreshing way to end the da.

However, my personal favourite has to be those macaroons…I had spied them at the outset and was wanting to try one, but equally wasn’t sure if it would stand up to a double fudge brownie and the like. Then I bit into it and realised the true delight of chewy, chocolate caramel macaroon heaven! It’s now a week later and I have since researched recipes to have macaroons as a possible extra on the cake table at the wedding…a real turn-around since my afternoon tea in Manchester!

We also had the most delicious tea (before then straying onto a bottle of bubbly between us). Now, I drink herbal tea mainly to reduce food cravings and hunger and because caffeine is apparently not the best for you; however, I’ve always found them a little bit bland. So imagine my amazement when we were treated to the new Twinings silk herbal teas and I had a lovely Berry Crush tea where it tasted 100% of the flavour – wow! The bubbly we had was also lovely and crisp and hit just the spot.

Before I waffle on anymore, I should probably mention that they have also introduced a gent’s afternoon tea, which consisted of mini fish and chips, a burger and pie, along with a chocolate brownie and Manchester Tart for dessert. The boss ordered the manly version and loved it, but we’ve been told it’s also a popular alternative for the ladies.

So would I consider it my my own hen do now? Most definitely yes – as long as we get the glass of bubbly and maybe order a few more bottles of bubbly on the side like we did then I would be more than up for afternoon tea ! I know finally know what all the fuss is about!

Click on the link if you wish to find out more about our afternoon tea in Manchester offering.