Our Experience: Pizza Making

by Amanda Hosking on 23/11/2016

I recently had the chance to go and try out one of Stag and Hen’s activities – Pizza Making!

This experience is hosted at Pizza Express, which as many know, make delicious pizzas with a variety of topping choices. They also offer pasta, salads, sides and much more.


To start the day off me and my colleague were greeted by a waiter and taken to our table. We were told we would first be treated to a glass of prosecco and the famous Pizza Express dough balls. The dough balls were super tasty especially dipped in the garlic butter! And any girl is happy with a glass of prosecco in her hand.

After we had finished our food we were taken to the kitchen area, where our pizza making experience would begin. We were greeted by our party host who was very friendly and approachable. Then it was on to the task at hand!

We were first given some dough and shown how to roll it into a perfect circle by the host. Let me tell you…this is harder than it looks. Mine ended up being somewhere in between a rectangle and a triangle.


After the dough had been rolled into shape with some help from the host, it was on to the dough flipping challenge. We had to flip the dough over by throwing it high in the air. Whoever flipped it the highest won. This was hilarious as the dough was landing everywhere – crumpled up on the table, on our arms and even our heads at one point. I did flip mine the highest so I would say that is a success!

We then added our sauce, toppings and cheese to the pizza. The more creative the better, I decided to make mine into the classic smiley face. There was some colour co-ordination in there too.

Then came the calzone challenge. Me and my colleague each had to make a calzone pizza, which is the hardest pizza to make. Then the host judges the best one at the end. I unfortunately lost this one – I filled it up with too many toppings…oops.


The pizzas were then put in the oven and we were taken back to our table to wait for them to cook. They arrived smelling delicious and they tasted amazing too.

Overall this was a great experience and something different to do in the city. The host was friendly and kept us laughing throughout the whole experience. I would highly recommend it for a stag or hen activity.