Our Favourite Manchester Be At One Cocktails

Posted in Hen Party Ideas & Advice by Trai Hadfield on 31/01/2017

So it’s time for you to start planning your hen night out in Manchester and ladies are you in luck because we at Stag and Hen Manchester have loads of amazing ideas to help you get the most out of your visit.

Be At One Cocktail Manchester

 One thing we know will perk up your ears on a hen night is a cocktail drinking session and nowhere does it better than Be At One Manchester. Here you can relax in a stylish setting and unwind before hitting up the rest of the Manchester nightlife. Below we have a little information about our 5 favourite cocktails that we believe no good hen party should go without so check them out and do not miss your chance to try them all.

1. Dry Daiquiri

- Havana Club 3 Year Old
- Campari
- Lime juice
- Passion fruit syrup
- Sugar syrup

Manchester Dry Daiquiri

If you want a nice, tasty well balanced drink that could keep you cool in the summer nights then why not try one of these divine Dry Daiquiri. All you need do for this drink is make your regular Daiquiri only using Havana Club 3 Year Old for that beautiful rich taste with caramel, vanilla and banana hints as well as plenty of ice.

2. The Old Fashioned 

- 1 sugar cube
- 2 or 3 dashes of bitter
- Ice
- 2 oz of rye whisky or bourbon

Manchester Old Fashioned

This is probably the cocktail with the most versatility and the most adaptations over the years which is only right considering its reputation as the oldest cocktail. There are many interesting twists such as Sour Cherry Old Fashioned prepared with cherries and orange peel, Salt Fashioned made with apple bitter and salted maple syrup or the House Old Fashioned which includes both Angostura and Orange Bitter along with Syrup and a hint of Paul Beau VS Cognac. With all of this you can see how easy it is to have a lot of fun with this drink.

3. Mojito Especial

- Half a lime
- 5 mint leaves
- 1 cube of sugar
- Havana club especial rum
- Soda water

Manchester Mojito Especial

4. Bloody Mary

- Bloodshot Vodka
- Bloody Mary mix
- Lemon juice
- Sea salt
- Sherry vinegar
- English mustard
- Tomato juice

Manchester Bloody Mary

An interesting and unusual mixture the Bloody Mary is considered a classic cocktail of the highest regard. Often seen as a stylish lunchtime drink the Bloody Mary has often been credited as the perfect hangover cure which makes it a good one to have ingredients for on the big hen weekend. it’s simple to make, start by throwing all ingredients into a Boston shaker glass then tumble between 2 tins 3 times with cubed ice. After that it’s a simple matter of straining the cocktail over cubed ice into your glass before finishing off with sea salt and pepper rim garnishing.

5. Martini

- 1.5 to 2 oz of gin or vodka
- 1 oz of sweet or dry vermouth
- Ice
- Garnish such as lemon wedges or olives

martini Manchester
By far the most stylish cocktail around this is something even the most sophisticated male can drink with pride but it’s a lovely treat for any of you ladies too. What makes this one of our favourites is the very subtle but important differences in the way it can be made. Whether you like it with vodka or gin, shaken or stirred, with a lemon wedge or an olive the drink oozes personality and makes you look good drinking it. One thing you should be sure to note before trying a Martini is just because you didn’t like your first one doesn’t mean you won’t like the next, so keep experimenting until it sticks.

So if you are a cocktail loving group of hens (and what hen group isn’t isn’t?) and you’re visiting Manchester make sure you come to Be At One Manchester for few cheeky ones. We here at Stag and Hen Manchester have a great relationship with this bar and you could even book a fun filled and exciting drinking session down there through are Reinventing The Cocktail Wheel activity, so make sure to check that out. We honestly could not speak highly enough about Be At One so if you want to find out more about it we have a Be At One Manchester Review, you might be interested in.