Our New Team Member Jess Skydiving

by Michael Ferguson on 23/12/2013

When we found out that Jess our lovely new team member had already done indoor skydiving in Manchester we immediately got her to write about her experiences to give you a heads up on what it would be like on your Manchester Stag or Manchester Hen Party. Below are her thoughts and even a piccy! 

Are you ready to fly? Was the question we all were asked at the end of our training session. We were led up some stairs into the viewing area where we got the chance to eye up the skills of the group before us which gave us all a laugh.

When it came to my turn I realised it’s harder than you think! You have to think about it. Even little movements make you move quite a lot. If you bend your legs you’ll start sink down to the floor, if you tilt your wrist down you’ll start to spin and for some reason, on occasion you also end up stuck to the sides! But if you pay attention to the instructor’s guidance (simple hand gestures) and keep your chin up, everyone can get the hang of it.

My first attempt must have been hilarious to watch, I kept either sinking or going up too high and getting pulled down by the instructor but I managed to gain some control eventually. On our second go, the instructor spun us all the way up to the top and back down which made my stomach go, it was a crazy feeling! But for those who like things a bit tamer, don’t worry you can opt out.

You get two minutes in the tunnel which doesn’t seem like much but I actually enjoyed watching and laughing at the others’ attempts. It’s also pretty tiring so you don’t feel like you need much more. At the end we were given the chance to have another try

If you want to try something different, I would definitely recommend this, its loads of fun and both guys and girls will enjoy it.

Check our Indoor Skydiving in Manchester with further info for stags and for hens 

Here’s a snap of my attempt here… I didn’t do too badly in the end! 

Jess skydiving Manchester