Party Like a Pop Star!

Posted in Hen Party Ideas & Advice by Kimberly Low on 07/07/2016

So, you’re planning a hen party but you’re not sure what theme to go with? Well, we are here to tell you to go with a pop star theme!

The wonderful thing about a pop star hen party is that it can be tailored according to the bride-to-be’s taste. Whether she’s a glamourpuss (think J-Lo), a creative do-it-yourself type (hello Lady Gaga), an advocate of woman power (Beyonce yeah!), or just a happy-go-lucky kind of girl (woohoo Miley Cyrus), you can totally work with the pop star theme for her final hurrah as a single girl.
Here are a few ideas for the perfect pop star hen party. We hope they are able to help you pull off an amazing party.


1. Party venue

So you have decided on throwing a pop star hen party, now the next thing to decide is the party venue. Where should you do it? This really depends on the party budget. Feeling generous? Then, an evening at a luxurious nightclub in Manchester should be on the cards. However, if funds were tight, it’s best to go the DIY route. And that means, having the party at yours or one of the girls’ homes. Far from being the lesser option, throwing a party at home means more freedom with party decorations, food, drinks and of course, the sheer comfort of a familiar loo!


2. Pop star fashion

Once you have decided on which pop star to take after, it’s time to do a little a research on her fashion. Lady Gaga has her cuddly toy gown, Britney Spears has her red latex suit, Katy Perry has her cupcake bra, Madonna has her cone bra and J-Lo has her green safety-pinned dress. Let’s not forget that the entire Spice Girls have something wearable for everyone too! Where to get these costumes you wonder? Just head to the nearest costume shop or go online and you should be able to find what you’re looking for.


3. Makeup and accessorising

Now that you’ve got your outfit down, it’s time to think about make-up and accessorising. Pick a signature make-up that your chosen pop star is famous for, something that is instantly recognisable. For example, tie your hair into multiple mini buns and stick a bindi between your eyes if you’re inspired by Gwen Stefani. If your pop star is Lady Gaga, put on a platinum blonde wig and paint a neon blue lightning bolt right over your eye. Catch the drift?


4. Pop star party decorations

Since it’s a pop star theme party, the decorations should contain elements that pay tributes to the musicians and entertainers who inspire your party. You won’t go wrong with plenty of animal prints, neon colours and Union Jack motives for a Spice Girls hen party. How about a Lady Gaga’s party? Depending on which Lady Gaga’s phase you are inspired with, think disco balls, glittered starcut outs, metallic streamers, poker playing cards and bedazzled sunglasses.


5. Games and activities

A little creativity can turn classic hen party games into the perfect pop star hen party challenges. From pop star quizzes to balloon pass to creating the best pop star wedding dress with feathers, aluminium foil and toilet paper – these are fabulous games for a pop star hen party. As for activities, may we suggest a fun night out at the karaoke joint with the girls to sing your hearts out? If you’re not into belting out some pop classics, you can learn to dance like Beyonce instead!


So there, we hope we have given you enough tips and hen do ideas to throw an amazing pop star hen party. Good luck!