POLL: Who Organises a Stag or Hen Party?

by Kimberly Low on 14/03/2016

Are you the organiser of an epic stag or hen party? We just have to ask who are you?! Are you the bride or groom's brother? sister? best friend? Mother? Answer our poll below and see what fellow party planners had to say!

It’s safe to say that traditionally, a stag or hen party should be organised by the best man or maid of honour respectively.

It makes sense, because the best man and the maid of honour should be people that are most eager to throw you a stag/hen party. After all, they are probably your best friends or the closest of siblings. You wouldn’t appoint a colleague you occasionally chat with over coffee in the office pantry as your second-in-command on your wedding day, would you?

However, things like relationships could change, for whatever reasons. Perhaps your appointed best man/maid of honour has to suddenly relocate for work? Perhaps there was clash of opinions that could not be conciliated?

Lucky for you, of all things related to nuptials that are sort of set in stone, stag/hen planning is certainly not one of them. In those unfortunate scenarios, it’s perfectly alright for a parent or a sibling or another close friend to step up and take over the reins.

In fact, any person could do it, as long as he or she is happy to take over the party planning, there’s really no reason to question who should or shouldn’t be organising it.

Of course, as the groom or bride, what really matters is whether you are agreeable to your planner’s vision of a party.

Do communicate clearly as to what you want. You might expect a ride in a blinging limo to the hottest club in Birmingham but mum might just have a completely different idea.

How do you feel about an amazing afternoon of sewing cute tea cosies with your mates? Exactly.