Spring Trends: Hatchling Collar Necklines

by Kimberly Low on 25/02/2016

Ladies, hatchling collars are taking over the runways this spring!

Excuse me, hatchling what?


Well, if you have already known what a hatchling collar is, congratulations! You are clearly a fashion-savvy and possibly very stylish consumer of swanky clothing.

From shift dresses to the basic tops to the utilitarian jackets, hatchling collar necklines have been quietly making multiple appearances and gently capturing hordes of fans while at it.

So, what really is a hatchling collar? What is so special about this new trend?

Popularly known as “baby turtle”, it is a lighter and skinnier version of the often maligned turtleneck. By discarding the heaviness of traditional turtleneck and keeping the collar barely skimming the throat, you end up with a modern and crisp neckline that is, the hatchling!

It’s not hard to see why the hatchling collar is here to stay. The cut is very sympathetic towards women of all ages and shapes.

For younger women, the neckline offers a sophisticated yet modern look. As for the more mature ladies, it both hides the years and accentuates the shape of one’s neck; giving an elegant, almost elongated appearance to the neck.

Besides, the hatchling collar is designed to be warm enough for the cool and refreshing spring, but not too warm that it makes you feel like you’re going through menopausal hot flushes. And guess what, we think this trend might even stay all the way through summer.

So, for the uninitiated, it is time to stock up on garments with the hatchling collar necklines and embrace the baby turtle. What are you waiting for?