Stag Do Rules - 10 Commandments Style...

by Kimberly Low on 07/04/2016

Behold, the ultimate stag party rules written in 10 commandment style. On a night of fun, drink and chaos, you can't expect everyone to be on their best behavior, but if you do decide to set some ground rules, make it these simple 10!

stag do rules - the 10 commandments

The 10 Commandments

1. I am the Stag God. You shall worship the stag God and only he shall you serve on this night.
When it comes to the stag do, you must be religiously devoted to it. There’s no wimping out of any stag activities. Whether it’s drinking one too many or doing things that make you look like you belong to an institution, the keyword here is commitment.

2. Thou shalt take the groom’s name in vain. Tonight’s the night for pranks and taking the piss.
Prank the groom till he drops. It’s the only way to ensure a great stag do. All the better if the groom has always been a little whiner, now’s the opportunity to show him who’s the daddy.

3. Remember to keep the memory of this night holy.
What happened on the tour, stays on the tour. Don’t bring a camera to a stag do. Lay of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and those damned hashtags.

4. Honour the stag pack and do not stray unless you’re getting lucky.
It may be tempting to leave the groom tied to a pole naked but you owe it to his wife-to-be to be bring him home safely and alive. There’s an exception to this rule though, if there’s a fit girl involved, then you’re allowed to be missing for just a little bit but still not too long. And remember inform someone from the group as not to cause unnecessary panic!

5. Thou shalt not cock block.
If a mate is getting lucky, there are only two options available; be a good wingman if you’re ugly or stay far, far away if you’re good-looking.

6. Thou shalt not commit adultery at the strip club.
A stag party is where all the wild things happen but it’s still no excuse for cheating on your other half. You’re also responsible in keeping the groom’s conscience clear all the way to his wedding day.

7. Thou shalt not steal a fellow stag’s pint.
Just because you guys are best mates, always pay for your own drinks. Only people with vaginas don’t need to pay for their own drinks.

8. Thou shalt not bear witness to anything that happens on the stag do.
Whatever that happened during the stag do should remain with you to the day you die.

9. Thou shalt not covet time with your girlfriend.
You are free to be pussy-whipped anytime you want but the stag weekend is not one of those time. Give your mate the best time of his life before he becomes all boring and serious.

10. Thou shalt uphold the joy of the stag night by avoiding fights, exes, long queues, getting lost, getting kicked out, overpriced food, and losing your stuff.
And please, avoid getting arrested by the police too.