Ten Signs She’s Really Into You

Posted in Dating & Relationships by Aisha Farndon on 13/11/2015

No need to google any further…10 signs to look for to tell if she’s really into you

Every guy’s been there. You’re in a bar chatting to a lovely lady and you think you’re in there, only to find she isn’t quite so keen on giving you her number. Or you’ve just splashed the cash on a date and yet you find she’s gone cold on you.

Chances are, the object of your affection had probably been giving you subtle hints, whether she intended to or not. You don’t need to stay in the dark though. There are certain things you can look out for to be able to tell a little easier whether or not she is interested in you or whether your attention is best placed elsewhere.

So read on for 10 signs that show she’s really into you.

signs she's into you

Hopefully you’re a little more dating-wise after reading the above signs for when a girl’s into you.

But how do you actually make her into you? Or prevent her from turning off you?

The 5 Things That Woman Look For in a Man

Men’s Health surveyed more than 1,000 woman and the top 5 personality traits were:

  1. Sense of humour – 77%
  2. Intelligence – 55%
  3. Passion – 46%
  4. Confidence – 41%
  5. Generosity – 38%

Not surprisingly, a sense of humour, intelligence and confidence are in the top 5 traits that women look for. You can’t really learn a sense of humour in an instant but you can learn over time to be a little more witty. Trying to relax into the date allows your sense of humour to shine more.

Confidence and passion were also seen as key. Forget the old advice of, “Ask lots of questions, women love talking about themselves”. Nobody likes to feel like they are being interrogated by M15. Women also want to know what makes you tick, so be confident, let the conversation flow naturally and talk about topics that make your eyes light up.

And when it comes to character traits, faithfulness, dependability, kindness, moral integrity and fatherliness came out top. So don’t treat a lady badly in an effort to make her want you more. It’s only immature women that want players. Don’t go being a desperate doormat, but showing you are interested is not a bad thing.

What are your top dating tips? What one thing does a woman do on a date that makes you know that she’s into you? Or ladies, what thing do you always do on a date when you really like a man?

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