The Maid of Honour Task List

by Kimberley Low on 30/06/2016

So, your bestfriend had asked you to be her maid of honour. With tears streaming down your cheeks, you hugged her and said yes. You’re going to be the best maid of honour in the world, you said to yourself.

Weeks passed. The wedding day is looming in not so far distance but wait a minute, you still have not done a thing! Alas, it dawned on you that you have completely no clue what you’re supposed to be doing as a Maid of Honour. Panic ensues…

Trust me, you’re not the first girl that has experienced similar predicament. Calm down, take a breath.

Firstly, think of yourself as the most devoted personal assistant to the bride. Get the picture? Kind of? That’s good enough. We’ll work with that.

Basically, the Maid of Honour task list is categorised into three; before wedding, during wedding and after wedding. Let’s have a quick rundown:

Before the Wedding

maid of honour dress shopping

1. Set up and maintain the squad.

As a maid of honour, your job is to keep the group of bridesmaids tightly knit. You’re the leader of this group of girls and it’s important that you keep communication with everybody clear and transparent.
Very early on, try to identify who’s great at doing what so you could delegate tasks appropriately down the road. Make sure everyone has access to you should they need to communicate with you in private; this is important because, girl dramas.

2. Help with DIY wedding projects.

The moment you have said yes to being a Maid of Honour (MOH), it’s a good idea to try to keep your weekends all the way to the wedding free for the bride-to-be, especially if she’s planning a dozen DIY wedding projects for the big day.

Help as much as you can without being too opinionated (i.e. calling her predilection in colour matching everything into question). She will be very grateful for your love and time.

3. Dress shopping!

As a MOH, you need to help the bride-to-be with buying her wedding dress. Bear in mind that this is the most important dress in her life, so be honest but be kind. You ought to try to get her to stick to her budget too.

With the main dress out of the way, now you have the bridesmaids their dresses. Be smart about this, as all the girls come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the budget, find something nice and suitable for everyone. There will always be a petty complaint or two about the dresses, so be assertive and firm with the girls.

4. Hosting the hen party.

This is arguably the most important task of the MOH. You should know the likes and dislikes of the bride-to-be so use those as guidelines before deciding on a party theme. You can even suggest a couple of themes and call for a referendum but we all know how that’s going to turn out. Best to just let the bride decide, yeah.

During the Wedding

bride and groom

1. Prepare an emergency kit.

Prepare a kit consisting of things such as makeups (for touching up bride’s face), tissue paper (for dabbing bride’s tears and sweat), mini sewing kit/clear nail varnish (just in case of ripped veil or train), a bottle of water (for thirsty bride), bloating papers (for overactive T-zone), baby wipes (for a quick freshening up), breath mints (for a minty kiss on the aisle) – you get the picture.

2. Memorise the wedding schedule.

Know in your heart what’s going on during the day. People will keep asking you what’s happening next and where to go next. If you have memory like a sieve, just bring a folder of the printed wedding schedules and pass it to whoever that’s asking. Knowing the schedule will help with your next task too.

3. Play timekeeper.

Yes, you’re also a timekeeper. As the keeper of time, ensure that the schedule runs punctually and that planned events do not over-run too much until they delay other things on the agenda.

After the Wedding

bride with her friends

1. Toast the happy couple with a great speech.

This is likely one of the first things that you should have prepared way before the wedding – the MOH speech! So the wedding is almost coming to an end, and it’s time to toast the happy couple with your speech. Make it funny and mention all the good stuff about the newlyweds. Stay away from gloomy topics such as divorce rates or politics and don’t make mean jokes.

2. Help bride to change and touch up her makeup.

Now that the heavy stuff is out of the way, you can finally breathe a little. Your work as a MOH has not yet finished though. Help the bride to change out of her wedding dress and into her party dress or going-away clothes. Touch up her make-up and fix any stray hair. Make sure her bouquet of flowers is still photogenic.

3. Remind the bride to toss her bouquet.

Gather your squad around and let’s see who is getting married next.
So there, the gist of what it means to be a Maid of Honour. It’s common to assume that brides get stressed up over their weddings but so do their Maid of Honours. Remember, when the going gets tough, keep calm and carry on. Be the best Maid of Honour in the world!