The Manchester Stag Do Scavenger Hunt

by Aisha Farndon on 05/08/2015

The stag party scavenger hunt: an excuse to get suitably inebriated in order to carry out said challenges, chat up women and play the “poor me having to do this stupid dare card”, as well as random photo opportunities. Oh, and a little rivalry. So as stag do games go, it’s an all-time classic.

Instead of scratching around trying to come up with a list of suitably horrific or difficult challenges to set the stags, we’ve done the hard work for you. There are some Manchester specific tasks to get you all acquainted with the fine city that Manchester is too.

And because we’re nice like that, we’ve even got a printable stag party scavenger hunt you can DOWNLOAD FOR FREE.

We’ll be launching a COMPETITION in the future to see who can get the best #ScavengerSelfies, so like ourFacebook page to be the first in the know.

Manchester stag do scavenger hunt


1. No pic, no tick.Photo and video evidence is a must. How else are you going to keep the humiliation going or ensure the other team don’t cheat their way to victory? And if it just so happens to make it into the best man’s speech…
2. Play individually or in teams, although we would recommend a maximum  of 5 per team.
3. You can’t tally up 3 Bury black puddings just because you got a little bit hungry! Just because the groom is being tied down doesn’t mean you should keep with the same scavenger hunt item.


1. Here is a photo of “the GOD MADE MANchester sign” outside Afflecks Palace*:


2, Cheesy chat up lines have to be that bad you’re dying inside – so clearly chosen by the other stags or team then.
3. Some inspiration for the Bez dancing:



Stag and Hen Manchester (and their associated companies and agents) can take no liability for any attempt to complete the stag party scavenger hunt. As stag party games go, it’s pretty harmless. However, we must warn that actions could result in, but may not be limited to:

1. Vomiting up the Bury black pudding.

2. The “What Have I Done” hangover.


3. The bouncers (or girls) asking you to leave on account of looking like a male stripper.

4. Bitch slaps from girls.

5. Personal injury.

6. Getting arrested by said policewoman.