The Top 9 Cringiest Moments from Channel 4’s First Dates

by Aisha Farndon on 06/11/2015


1. How NOT To Complement a Girl

“I thought you were older.”

Yep, he went there.

Anna claimed to have a long list of what she needs from her ideal man. We suspect getting told she looked older than was wasn’t top of it.

Liam: “How old are you?”

Anna: “I’ll be 26 in…2 weeks” (Said like the Australians do, sounding like a question.)

Liam: “Yeah?? I thought you were older?” (Maybe he picked up on Anna’s uncertainty…?)

Anna: “Do I look older?”

Liam “No, no – you don’t look old, you just come across as older. I would have just said you were a little bit older – I’d have said 29” (Stop. Digging. Now. The hole is as big as the sink-hole that opened up on Mancunian Way earlier this year.)

Anna: “Oh my God” (Indeed.)

Liam: “Just for how you come across, not how you look. You’re good-looking really”. (Why thank you, finally a compliment!)

2. Getting Smashed and Splitting the Bill With a Calculator.

“I’ll have two Jagerbombs please.” (Because I need to get smashed to have a good time in your presence.)


“I’m just going to work out the bill and calculate it”. 


In fact, were not sure there was any part of Amber and Louis’s date that wasn’t cringe. Like his, “You’re an idiot” facial expressions when she spoke about her spirituality. Somebody needs to learn some social skills…

3.  “I Can’t Remember Your Name”

He clearly made a great impression!

4. The Chameleon and the Hugh Grant Buffoon

Apparently Francesca’s efforts in polishing her accent to sound like a finishing school graduate didn’t pay off. Despite laughing loudly at all of her jokes in a manner Boris Johnson would be proud of, Hugo dusts off her off at the end. (Of course he was called Hugo.)

The awkward moment when she realises he’s played her.


5. The Jerk

Jeremy spends most of the date on his phone because he’s such an important businessman and his time is way more precious than the lovely Emma’s.

You’d think his jerkish ways would stop there. Oh no. After saying, “Lovely woman. Beautiful. Intelligent. Charismatic. And it was great, I had a great time. Couldn’t have asked for better”, he insists that Emma goes first in revealing whether she’d like to see him again.

After a “definitely” from Emma that is met with an awkward pause, she exclaims, “You totally cannot say no now!”.

Oh, but he can: “I’m personally not so sure. I don’t want to waste Emma’s time if I’m honest. Not sure if there was enough of a connection.”



6. Netflix and Chill 

This poor guy didn’t know that Netflix and Chill is the new, “Do you want to come up for a coffee?”!

Video from The Social Bake’s Youtube channel.

7. The Try-Hard Comedian

Geo lauded himself as a “player” but by the time he got to his second rehearsed joke, Heather’s face said it all. In her own words: “Make me laugh, but don’t try too hard”.

8. The Celeb Spotter

No, it’s not OK to interrupt a celebrity’s date.

9. The Anti-Feminist

Last, but most certainly not least…

Elle clearly thought that by dressing like ’50s sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, she could avoid any advances in sex equality. Apparently, she deserved a free ride because she’s  “hot and fun”.

When Marc questioned why he, a dad of young children, should foot the large bill she insisted on racking up, she throws her toys out of the pram.

“Why wouldn’t you split the bill? Because you’re a woman?” 


After Marc politely points out: “We’re equal when you want us to be equal.”


Not content with already looking like a high-maintenance girl nobody wants to date, shortly after this scene Emma gets up and walks out.

Awkward! Marc clearly had a lucky escape though.


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