Top 8 Must-Have Hen Party Accessories

Posted in Hen Party Ideas & Advice by Aisha Farndon on 29/07/2015

We all know that a hen party is not a hen party without some hen party accessories. Even those brides who insist that they don’t want any tack are sure to be able to pull off some accessories without grimacing as they do so. But anyway, isn’t the point to make the bride-to-be noticeable?!

We’ve rounded up the top 10 must-have hen party accessories for you. And as hen party experts, we know that hen parties all have different styles. That’s why we’ve got different style suggestions to suit even the most stylish and wouldn’t-be-seen-dead-in-a-veil hens!

The Hen Party Bag

We love the vintage element of these brown bags on Etsy. What’s even lovelier is that the words can be customised to your own unique memories, creating a heart cloud of words that are sure to bring back happy memories to the bride-to-be and make her feel extra special. And at just £1 per bag plus shipping, it’s not likely to blow a hole in your goody bag


For those looking for a hen party bag that screams fun, the bags from ebay are just £1.25 with dirt cheap packaging too. They can be personalised too with your own message.


Now, this is one hen party accessory that no bride can refuse. And, as with all things, hen related, there’s something to suit every theme out there!

pink sash


The above sashes will certainly get you noticed and can be personalised with your names or nicknames.

For those of you wanting a real personal touch, what about the following bright, homemade hen party sashes? At just £4.75 each plus P&P you could have an extra special one made for the bride and her bridal party

Personalised Hen Party Sunglasses

OK, so they may not be  “must-have hen party accessories” but these personalised hen party sunglasses are if you know a hen that loves her sunnies! And for those that don’t they just go to show how inventive you can be with a little imagination. Is there a certain accessory your best friend can’t live without? If so, then get personalising!


L Plates

Because the bride-to-be is as pure as can be! Pick up some fluffy ones at Poundland or go understated with yet another wonderful find on Etsy.


Photo Booth Props

Is your friend a hashtag fiend? If so, then why not take leaf out of one of our hen party’s books with these #henpartypolaroid frames? You can make your own with this handy DIY guide here.

 hen party

Willy Accessories

Hen party accessories almost always include some male genitals – it would be rude not to! Go trashy with willy strawsor a little more subtle with some willy ice cube moulds.


The Survival Kit

Paracetamol or Resolve, a can of Diet Coke or Irn Bru (depending on what side of the border you are!) and some sugary sweets for the morning after always go down a treat. Add in some condoms for comedy value, even if everyone’s coupled up (you can even get perosnalised ones). And how about some Batiste? After all, is anyone really going to wake up enough in time to wash their hair before they leave?!